Halfway There: June Round-Up 2017

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With May and June behind us like a booty, some of us may have forgotten about the nice little mole at the top of the Upper West Side. Sweet Columbia, we miss you like we miss the smell of fresh mulch in April. Okay seriously, for those of you who have been wondering about the happenings of our New York City college town, here’s an update:

  • Arguably, the best thing about June is that it’s Pride Month. The city is full of rainbows and celebrating its LGBTQ+ population. Columbia celebrated by lighting up the columns on Low Library in rainbow colors, as well as by opening a new exhibit at the Rare Books and Manuscripts Library called “Pride of Lions.” The exhibit showcased the historic role that LGBTQ+ groups have played on Columbia’s campus – highlighting the fact that the very first collegiate LGBTQ+ organization actually started at Columbia, way back in 1966.
  • Columbia Law School broke the internet on June 8, the day of James Comey’s congressional hearing. During the hearing, Comey said that he had confided in a “good friend” about the going on of a shady meeting with President Trump. All Comey said about the identity of this “friend” was that he is a professor at Columbia Law School. Within minutes, the Columbia Law School faculty page had crashed. Oops.
  • Shariq Jumani’s Gofundme has reached 83% of its goal. In the last update posted by his friends and family two weeks ago, he had a tracheostomy to help with his breathing. However, he is recovering, and even woke up to interact with them.
  • Barnard has a new president (and a new Title IX Coordinator).
  • Vine closed!!!! In their voicemail, they said it’s just for renovation. Hopefully, they renovate their attitudes in addition to the countertops.
  • There is some construction happening in front of Butler. Facilities wouldn’t tell us what’s up, but we’re hoping for a moving sidewalk connecting Butler to College Walk. Updates to come.

Here are some images of the almost forgotten MoHi: 

And some field notes: 

  • Had a stare down and almost (not really) Pokemon battle with Ben Carson.
  • Went straight from an airport to a club (in Hong Kong).
  • Got hit on by 31-year-old men who lied and said they were gonna pay for our drinks and took our check but didn’t pay
  • Got caught hotboxing my attic by my parents
  • Found a subway system worse than New York’s (thanks WMATA).
  • Served a subpoena to someone who refused to give their name to me.
  • Saw my old stats professor on the 1 train and sent an anonymous email to him.
  • Got a prescription for opioids for post-surgery recovery
  • Got through about half of Camus’ Myth of Sisyphus, but realized it was bullshit pseudo-philosophy obsessed with despair and now I’m sad that the hype was dumb
  • Developed tendinitis, and not from too much masturbation and/or sex with women. :(
  • Went skinny-dipping in the presence of a complete stranger.
  • Almost did coke with a 50 yr old Scottish man my gf and I met at a bar? He really wanted to but we didn’t do it, idk why because I blacked out.
  • Passed out in Prospect Park around 7 pm from too much chardonnay/sunshine.
  • Realized I was falling in love.

All photos via Bwog Staff

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  1. Anonymous

    They are redoing the walks and plaza outside of Butler and making them completely barrier free.

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