Overseen: Meryl Streep Shooting For New Spielberg Movie On Campus

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This summer, filming has started for Steven Spielberg’s new movie¬†Pentagon Papers starring Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks. The film is about the Washington Post and their publishing of the Pentagon papers, detailing US involvement in the Vietnam War. And, today, they were filming on campus! Check out these shots we got of Meryl struttin’ her stuff around Low. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find Tom… maybe he’s just not in this scene.



Sexy shots of Meryl from Lily Drabkin & bottom right photo of Low from Ana Jimenez

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  1. Looks like

    she ain't got no alibi.

  2. Anonymous

    When you let these communists in, they glorify the riots so they get more Obamas to attend. But employers know that Columbia students only learn left wing lies like global warming and participative management and refuse to hire them.

    • I'm Sorry

      Do they prefer the Harvard folks, where they teach...the exact same thing? Oh, and I know they regularly produce Trumps at UPenn. Fresh Trumps waking around campus. And those employers, they only hire from Ithaca College. I meant Cornell.

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