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Monday marked the tragic end of July – a steamy and dreamy month that seemed to have begun yesterday. July gave us 31 days of sweat and stank (especially if you are spending it in the armpit of the U.S. that is the mid-Atlantic), but it also gave us hope that summer would never end. In its place, July leaves us August, a month even hotter and nastier than its predecessor, with a stinging reminder that papers, problem sets, and Paw Print are close. But before we get caught up in the fate of our dissolving summer, here’s what happened to Columbia in July:

  • Next Tuesday, the Southern District Court of New York will hear the oral arguments for  the Roskin-Frazee v. Columbia University case. Here’s an overview of what has happened so far. 
  • Speaking of lawsuits: Columbia’s suit with Paul Nungesser has been settled, two years after it was filed.
  • Theodore de Bary, a former Columbia professor and well-known sinologist, passed away.
  • New Barnard president Sian Beilock was briefly on campus, made an introductory video, then left NYC again.
  • Spec is moving! Temporarily to Manhattanville, and then after that, who knows. (Wall Street? Bushwick? Jersey City? Mars? Hopefully?)
  • Columbia is giving out fidget spinners to new students, and has already started with some trial spinners handed out in Low. We’d love to review them, if we could get our hands on one…
  • We saw Meryl Streep on campus, blocking off Low and participating in a staged protest for Steven Spielberg’s new movie Pentagon Papers.
  • Barnard’s new magnolia tree seems to be faring much better than its predecessor, at least so far.
  • The CU Republicans are in a bit of a bind, after Martin Shkreli, whom they secured as a speaker for next semester, has been found guilty of fraud. They will more definitely be hosting Ed Kox, Mike Cernovich, and other notable conservatives.
  • Shake Shack is getting closer and closer to its opening date… A menu can now be seen through those tantalizingly open doors.

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