The 2017 Disorientation Guide Is Here

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Dis Guide 2017 Cover

As the incoming class unloads their mattress toppers and shower caddies, current CU and BC students too unload a wealth of information on campus activism.

The 2017 Disorientation Guide is a zine made by student activists designed to inform and encourage new students on how to get involved. Some of its pages are familiar, such as the Timeline of Colonialist History, but other entries have been modified, like the updated spread on Manhattanville. Readers will also find a few pages covering the university’s occupation in 1968, the South Africa Apartheid Divest in 1985, the hunger strike in 2007 and last year’s Low Library occupation pulled from A Brief History of Civil Disobedience @ Columbia (another zine on campus).

One page we found particularly useful in the zine was a collection of resources and tips to ensure students get every dime’s worth of their experience out of Columbia–we’ve included it below, and you can read the full Dis Guide here.

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  1. Disgusted

    It is disgraceful that a campus publication is promoting stealing like this. But it's what I've come to expect from Bwog.

    • Anonymous

      it's kinda disgraceful for u to ignorantly act like there aren't people literally starving who go to this rich ass university lmao bwog isn't a group of moral derelicts for saying it's a good idea to take extra food from the dining halls or fucking paper from a printer

  2. Anonymous

    This is an embarrassing disgraceful publication that promotes crime.

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