Should You Drop That Class?

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Us in AP on the first day of class.

The answer is…probably yes. We’re still at the beginning of the add/drop period, but as you shop seminar after lecture after colloquium, keep these tips in mind when you’re deciding whether or not to take a class.

To drop?

  • If the professor uses too many academic words and is generally verbose–you will fall asleep as the semester continues.
  • If the professor assigned reading before the damn class began
  • If the classroom is on a Hamilton floor higher than 5
  • If there are more than three midterms (~Mowsh Bio~)
  • If the professor prefers that you not eat in class
  • If the professor assigns their own expensive-ass book
  • If your ex is in the class and he leaves class 5 minutes early so he can avoid you
  • If it’s Advanced Programming

To add?

  • If there are field trips!
  • If you can drop a quiz/homework/test/whatever
    • Related: if there’s no final
  • If the professor provides cookies for the final (Prof. Mercer for Philosophy and Feminism!)
  • If you got in off the waitlist
  • If there’s a TILF–TA I’d like to fuck.

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