Bwoglines: Flight Of The Helicopter Edition

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Wish we could take one of these downtown instead of the one train

Happening around the world: Hurricane Irma is continuing to wreak havoc on the Caribbean, and Hurricane Jose is close behind. Neil Dickinson and his company of two helicopters are attempting to evacuate the island of Bermuda of children, the sick, and the elderly (about 1,600 people) in between these two storms. (Bloomberg)

Happening in the nation: Former Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano is suing President Trump to save DACA, the federal program protecting young undocumented immigrants that she created in 2012. Her suit accuses Trump’s staff of “violating administrative procedures and constitutional due process requirements.” (NY Times)

Happening in NYC: The London revival of Angels in America will be transferring to Broadway this February for an eighteen-week run. Almost the entire company will be continuing in their roles – including Andrew Garfield and Nathan Lane. (Playbill)

Happening on campus: Grazb (a new social networking app) is hosting a “bubble battle party” somewhere at Columbia (details TBD?) at 1 pm. Their Facebook event claims that they will break the Guiness world record for most simultaneous bubbles blown, but that might be a bit challenging, considering only two people have marked “going”.

Overheard: (on College Walk) “‘On three! One! Two! Three! RUSH BWOG!!”

Helicoptering via Keller Jo

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