Bwoglines: Running Away Edition

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Gandalf would be proud of your running.

Happening in the World: The government of Bangladesh is establishing shelters for up to 400,000 refugees fleeing from Myanmar. The refugees, belonging to the Rohingya minority, may be the victim of ethnic cleaning—according to the United Nations. Myanmar, typically, blames any violence occurring in areas dominated by the Rohingya as unrelated to the actions of the government. (BBC)

Happening in NYC: Martin Shkreli, everyone’s favorite pseudo-intellectual/financial savant/socially stunted shitposter, was moved to “the worst prison that he’ll ever be in, considering the charges he was convicted of,” following his offer of $5,000 for a hair of Hillary Clinton’s. The prison suffers from “overcrowding, ‘unspeakably unsanitary’ toilet and shower facilities, and an ‘intolerable’ stench…Rats…are ‘roaming freely’ and there is ‘excrement in the shower.'” Maybe he’ll try and stage a great escape? (Gothamist)

Happening on Campus: If you’re a Morningside Lights fan, you can flee from Columbia’s main campus and go north to get some actual community vibes, warm feelings, and lamp-making experience. Check it out.

A Haiku for a Saturday Morning:

Visit new places

A nice change in scenery

1020’s boring

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