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Here at Bwog, we are lovers, not fighters. We enjoy life’s simple pleasures, which are reflected in our weekend activities. To put it simply, we love to FAP on the weekends – focus on family/friends, alcohol, and parties. You get the picture. Anyways, please enjoy reading the shit we did this weekend, because we sure as hell did.

Bwog Loves Friends and Family:

  • Tried to snort my Uber driver’s Febreze air freshener because it reminded me of home.
  • Called my mom as an excuse to avoid a study group.
  • Went home sick so that my mom could nurse me back to health.
  • Accidentally watched New Age pornography with my roommates.
  • Organized a surprise birthday party for Bwog editor in chief Amara Banks and new features editor Timmy Wu.
  • Fell asleep with a half-eaten apple in my hand after a party, which my friend, who was taking care of me, gently took out of my asleep hand.
  • A stranger from New Jersey told me he fell in love with me.
  • Went to a birthday party for a friend of a friend of a friend.

Bwog Loves Alcohol:

  • Had a drunk encounter with my PHE interviewer who I told three days earlier that I didn’t drink.
  • Was called “homegirl” by my doctor after he saw that my liver bounced back after my first year of college (I swear I don’t drink that much).

getting CURNK



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The first room of the exhibit

While many of us were sleeping in or wiling away our hours in Butler this past Saturday, new guest writer Layla Alexander headed downtown to MoMA PS1. While there, she explored Ian Cheng’s new disconcerting, yet fascinating simulation exhibit.

New York City was especially live this past weekend, with Global Citizen Festival, Maker Faire, and the NY Art Book Fair all taking place across the boroughs. On Saturday, I chose to take a trip to MoMA PS1, where Ian Cheng’s surrealist three-part simulation, Emissaries, was on display. I attempted to do some research on the exhibit prior to my trip, but all I could gauge was that it was a virtual reality piece that involved volcanoes. With little to no understanding of the simulation but accompanied by a fellow art-enthusiast, I headed into MoMA PS1 and entered the exhibit.

In front of me were two screens that, together, spanned the length of the room and displayed what looked like a video game in pale blue and purple hues. The scene was a digitized, mountainous landscape speckled with part-animal part-human beings in the midst of a battle. Above them hovered another being covered with a blanket of sorts. Through thick fog I could make out mountain ridges in the background. These visuals were accompanied by the faint sound of wind. With little to no familiar imagery or allusions to popular culture, I couldn’t quite pinpoint the time period of the scene. The natural scenery evoked visions of prehistory, while the virtual quality of the images as well as the science fiction-esque beams and orbs of light across the backdrop of the battle suggested a dystopian setting. Intrigued and utterly confused, we continued to the next room of the exhibit.

What was in the next room?



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One Bwogger loves Ferris more than she loves herself, but has felt a bit isolated since school started…

I’ve been a Ferris girl since day one. Upon arriving on Barnard’s campus, Hewitt’s difficult pizza and tough chicken quickly sent me across Broadway to explore a broader canvas. After going back and forth between John Jay and Ferris (the Barnard-JJ’s cold war didn’t end until my sophomore year), my heart was eventually captured by the all-afternoon breakfast, panini press, and occasional fish taco. Ferris was my baby, my boo, my shawty, my everything. In its highest moments (hosting Bwog to DJ) and in its lowest (Banana-Gate Spring 2017), the friendly staff and diverse food options have kept me coming back, questionable guacamole and all.

So you could imagine my surprise when I returned to the omelet-mecca to find probably the scariest and most violating installation parked in front of the door. Standing there, in all black, was…. a person?? To be clear, this person was not doing anything additional to appear more intimidating than she already was. In fact, she seemed nice, smiling at students as they passed. But I think my unsuccessful freshman nights downtown had hard-wired my brain to fear anyone in all black standing outside of somewhere I want to go. Whenever I see her, in my head I hear, “is this a real ID?” “what’s your address?” “my buddy over there is a COP should I have him run it?” A cold chill travels down my spine. An eerie feeling. I instinctively suggest we find some dollar pizza and get an uber before realizing we are literally at Ferris Booth Commons, my student ID is not getting rejected in fucking Lerner, and that everything is going to be OK.

But what’s the deal, Ferris? This bouncer is pretty scary and reminds me of a tough night in Hell’s Kitchen. I don’t know how much more carrot sushi I can eat at John Jay, but it certainly doesn’t feel as scary as walking past the girl in Lerner.

Yes the ID is real via Public Domain



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Sunday nights are always a good time with the CCSC crew – last night was no different. Bwogger Nadia Rahman reports back from the Satow Room on CCSC happenings, from dinner to elections.  

Freshman CCSC elections are among us, meaning your Facebook is probably spammed with false promises and oddly professional photoshoots of candidates.

Last night’s CCSC meeting (the second of the year) was dominated by logistical concerns, snappy retorts, and our favorite topic—bylaw review. If you don’t love motions within motions, why are you reading this?

Friend2Friend & A Cute Dinner

President Nathan Rosin introduced “Friend2Friend,” a recently-developed three hour training on recognizing and responding to classmates’ signs of distress. According to Rosin, Alice! had offered to facilitate a training for CCSC members, given adequate attendance. By and large, the response to this offer was positive. 2020 VP James Ritchie claimed not doing the training would be “disingenuous,” as several members had campaigned on issues surrounding mental health advocacy and awareness, adding, “This is the easiest thing that we could do and also the least effort thing that we could do.”

Cementing friendships & fulfilling campaign promises, 2together



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Extreme heat, humidity, and Trump: the worst combination

Happening Around The World: Angela Merkel wins her fourth term as German chancellor, a feat for her party’s platform. This victory was overshadowed by the fact that Alternative for Democracy, a nationalist party, ended up winning the most chairs in their history and became the third largest group in parliament, a factor that allows for far-right politicians (yikes) to have more power. (BBC)

Happening In The US: Donald Trump proposed a third resolution to his previously-failed Travel Ban, this time including North Korea, Chad and Venezuela, countries that have already been screwed over by previous presidencies. Now fully included on the list are Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Chad and North Korea; Venezuela, while still included the ban, only restricts government officials and their families. (NY Times)

Happening in NYC: Chances are if you weren’t lying in your bed hungover and walked more than 10 feet outside yesterday, you may have noticed it was hot as hell. Scientists confirmed, in fact, that it was hot – so hot that Central Park broke its record for the highest temperature on the first weekend of fall, reaching a peak of 91°F/32°C in the afternoon. (NBC)

Happening At Columbia: Interested in hearing about the relationship between art and current events? “Here/Say: Framing, Part 1 [Classification]” is happening TODAY at 7:00-8:30 PM in the Diana Center. Come listen to curator Jacqueline Mabey and artist Joiri Minaya in the first session of their series!

Overseen(?) at Columbia: On the John Jay 10 Lounge whiteboard, there is a running tally for the “times Lola says STFU.” There are 63 tallies. We feel you, Lola.


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