Bwoglines: Power, Pantsuits And Puerto Rico Edition

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Food of the Gods

Happening Around The World:  Hurricane Maria continues to decimate Puerto Rico, and although it’s due to transition into a weak storm before hitting the East Coast, millions have suffered as a result of Maria’s devastation so please consider donating your moneys or time to Hurricane Maria Relief Fund(CNN).

Happening In The U.S.: Instead of delving into the latest and arguably bleak political developments (such as North Korea accusing the U.S of declaring war and the newly opened inquiry into Jared Kushner’s emails), the FBI’s annual crime report can depress us instead. The report highlighted that the ‘violent crime’ rate in the U.S has risen for the second consecutive year. (BBC)

Happening In NYC: Four weeks in to the school year and your social life is probably on its last leg as you become overwhelmed with projects, midterms and reading. Why don’t you take a break (we can pretend you haven’t procrastinated enough already this week) and head downtown to “CHIHULY” to take some awesome insta pics! (Time Out NY)

Happening At Columbia: Are you part of the ‘pantsuit nation?’ Or just generally interested in discussing Gender Justice and Women’s leadership? If so check out the ‘Power Talk with Athena Distinguished Fellow Kavita Ramdas’ former CEO of the Global Fund for Women at 7pm, 304 Barnard Lecture Hall.

Food of The Day:  Three for a dollar garlic knots at Koronets.

Overheard:  “Yeah if we die, we die. I don’t really care. I’m not a virgin anymore so it doesn’t really matter.”

By Wayne Truong (Flickr: rolls) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Marie Manville  

    Garlic knots - platonic ideal or state of the nation?

  2. Connor Ovington

    "depress us instead"

    If that isn't the finest microcosm of contemporary American politics, what is?

  3. Shola Lee  

    Yassssssss, garlic knots and pantsuits; Robtator strikes again.

  4. Waste Man

    Quality headline B!

  5. Raquel Rodrigues Pinto

    Love the tags at the bottom, food is lyf especially reasonates with me.
    Apart from that good job buddy!

  6. Raquel Rodrigues Pinto

    The tags speak to me on another level, food is lyf especially resonates with me.
    Apart from that well done Berta!

  7. Gracie

    Love it, good job girl!

  8. Nav  

    Rob u the best. Luv ur piece #whosRay

  9. Jonathon Mccoy

    Considering the crime rate news and yes- our delightful orange toddler in office toying with war, I would say I agree, nonetheless, with our random friend (glass half full?). Also, I wish I was instabratting (totally just invented a word?) around NYC botanical gardens or anywhere really. Real talk... being neck deep in modern political thinkers and Nick H seminar readings totally does not beat Gender panels at Columbia and and meandering the concrete jungle. Alas, you make some great points here and also have me drippling saliva all over my keyboard thinking of those garlic knots (save some 4 me). Proud of you love, keep at it!

  10. Rubesss

    Love it alllllllll ❤️

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