Western Saharan Band “Group Doueh” Touring In NYC

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The sun never sets on Group Doueh. Not even in their beloved hometown, Dakhla.

If electric guitars, authentic Saharawi music, or riveting cinematography excite the neurons in your body, this announcement just may be for you. Alum Cyrus Moussavi, CC ’09, is on an east coast tour with the legendary Group Doueh (pronounced “Doo-way”) from the Western Sahara. The band is playing tomorrow (September 29th) at (Le) Poisson Rouge at 7:30 PM. Tickets and more information of the event can be found here. Moussavi learned about this group and their label, Sublime Frequencies, while he was “procrastinating at Butler.” (So relatable, right?) Moussavi is also excited to announce that there will be a screening of the film that he shot while at the band’s home in Dakhla. The documentary will debut at the New School at 7 PM on October 2nd. For tickets and more details, click here.

It has been six years since the band was last in the States. Group Doueh has been active for over twenty-seven years in the Western Sahara and has never failed to deliver a vibrant and exceptional performance. Doueh is the group’s leader and a connoisseur of the electric guitar. Sublime Frequencies says that Doueh’s “sound is distorted, loud and unhinged with an impressive display of virtuosity and style only known in this part of the world.”

Moussavi traveled to Dakhla last summer where he stayed with the band and filmed the wedding of Doueh’s oldest daughter, Oulaya, with his partners from Sublime Frequencies. He hopes to see some friendly Columbia faces tomorrow night and next week!

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