Protesters At CUCR Sit In, Asked For IDs By Administrators

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At 8 pm tonight, the Tommy Robinson talk organized by CUCR began in Roone Arledge Auditorium. Tommy Robinson is the founder of the right-wing English Defense League, and is widely considered to be a white supremacist. He was expected to speak about “Europe and mass immigration.”

Protests began over an hour before the event started, with students marching from 125th Street and Broadway towards Lerner Hall. They congregated around the entrance to Lerner, chanted, and read out tweets from Tommy Robinson, as well as Mike Cernovich, who will be a CUCR speaker later this month. Speakers at the protest have included the President of the Columbia MSA, President of Black Lives Matter of Greater NY, and several other students and organizers.

When the event started at 8 pm, protesters pushed into Lerner. Students inside at the event also caused disruptions. One student was livestreaming on Instagram @yosangrl; according to her stream and according to sources we’ve talked to outside Roone, students inside are being detained until they give administrators their IDs. Protesters inside Lerner (outside Roone) are now calling for those inside to be released without having to fork over their IDs, and are calling for other students to join them in Lerner.

We will update this post with further developments as they occur. Please email us at for any corrections or any information we missed.

Update, 9:20 pm: Protesters inside of Lerner are offering conflicting reports as to whether or not those within Roone can leave without presenting their IDs. Confusion about the event grows as more students gather around Lerner.

Update, 9:45 pm: Protesters were released as of about fifteen minutes ago; their IDs were not taken.

Bwog has been livetweeting this protest since about 6:30 pm. See a selection of our tweets below:

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  1. speaker for the living

    four people's ids were taken .

  2. Anonymous

    Non Columbia students are not allowed in Columbia buildings. This is nothing new. This is a security issue.

  3. +1 for CU admin and Public Safety

    Great job! I'd have liked to see a few more batons, but we can work with this.

  4. Anonymous

    George Rupp had the brilliant idea of locking down campus during demonstrations and only letting those with ids get in. Throughout the seventies, most protestors were never students.

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