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The talent rests in CUMB.

It’s the day that we all seemed to forgot but are now excited for: Homecoming! Columbia Football being undefeated is like watching a total solar eclipse: a short-lived rarity that encourages a massive lack of productivity, costing students and the university thousands. But let’s face it: Columbia’s Homecoming is well deserved time to go to parties and relax with friends. If you’re even feeling some ~school spirit~ and you’re not in CUMB, you might actually go to the game. Either way, if you’re doing homecoming right, you won’t be sober.

Welcome to your Columbia Homecoming adventure! Click on the images to see if you’ll make it through the day in one piece!

It’s the night before homecoming. Do you: 

A. Eat lots of carbs and prepare for the next day.

B. Decide to go out! You know you like to have a good time on the weekends, but since midterms are coming up, you need to unwind. Friday is a gift that would be wasted otherwise.

You and your friends are looking to start the day off right. Do you:

A. Try to kick off the day like its Bacchanal and start at it hard.
B. Pace yourself: drinking at 9am will only lead to getting CAVA’d or worse- humiliating drunk snaps.

More drunk decisions after the jump



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I mean… we’re named after Columbus

Barnumbia loves to forget that our campus is an exemplar of gentrification. Bwogger Layla Alexander attended an event on promoting housing justice and ways in which to identify and resist systems that target society’s most vulnerable members.

Barnumbia is often referred to as a “bubble.” Despite being situated in Morningside Heights, a neighborhood adjacent to (and, arguably, within) East Harlem, our campus and the surrounding establishments (think Nussbaum and Junzi) present a strikingly different demographic both racially and socioeconomically.

Yesterday evening, I had the privilege of hearing a discussion on these circumstances in “Homes for All, Cages for None: Housing Justice in an Age of Abolition,” a public event co-hosted by the Barnard Center for Research on Women. Professors Christina Heatherton and Craig Willse, who have devoted their lives to studying the relationship between gentrification, housing access, and policing, led us through an engaging dialogue on how the most vulnerable members of society are often plagued by constant surveillance, poor living conditions, and, ultimately, premature death.

More on housing justice below



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This man’s terrible choice to have a goatee signifies he is definitely of age, and yet I still warn you against hooking up with him.

As our years at Columbia trickle slowly by, each year we are greeted by an ever-younger cohort in 1020, at the frathouses, and in our classes. How do you know that the cutie from Intro to Psych is legally of an age where you can get it on? Bwog Staff Writer Gabrielle Kloppers investigates.

Flirting is difficult when you don’t know what year someone is in, and what with the multitudinous brainiacs that graduated early and came to Columbia, that person you’re crushing on from across Ref may not even be old enough to be an option. Here is the definitive way to know that they’re just a bit too young for you:

  • They don’t remember cassette tapes or VHS/VCR
  • They don’t remember 9/11 AT ALL
  • They never had a MySpace
  • They never had a flip-phone
  • If they’re gay: their coming-out process didn’t involve Lady Gaga in any way
  • If they’re straight: they never sang Katy Perry’s iconic, yet deeply problematic bop “I Kissed a Girl” at a slumber party
  • They unironically use the phrase “Social Media Influencer”
  • They did the new SAT (I still don’t know how it’s different but…)
  • They’re still excited about LitHum
  • They never got LIT to My Chemical Romance
  • Their adolescence involved more pop-rap than pop-punk

But mostly, you’ll be able to tell if:

  • They’re not dead in the eyes yet.

That’s all folks! Remember to work in a conversation about your cringey MySpace profile the next time you bump into ~that person~ in the line at Blue Java.

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Guastavino’s looks bougie enough for this bwogger

Each Wednesday, Bwog’s GSSC Bureau Chief, Alex Tang, gives us a brief summary of the previous GSSC meeting. This week, GSSC approved the venue for the 2018 Spring Gala and introduced a new initiative for GS first-years.

This week, the General Studies Student Council (GSSC) hosted a relatively short meeting, focusing mainly on updates for upcoming events or initiatives. The meeting took place at 8:15 in Lerner 5, during the protests against right-wing speaker Tommy Robinson. As a result, this week’s meeting was different in that it was punctuated periodically by the rallying cries and cheers from just a few floors down. Yet, every speaker spoke slightly louder than usual, and the meeting proceeded smoothly.

The bulk of the meeting was spent on selecting the venue for the annual Spring Gala. VP of Campus Life Dennis Zhao introduced his favorite contender, Guastavino’s in East Midtown. Guastavino’s has a much larger capacity than previous gala venues, and Zhao mentioned that up to seven hundred students might be able to attend this year’s gala at Guastavino’s, more than in previous years. The Spring Gala has been criticized in previous years for its limited capacity, as not all GS students were able to attend the galas. Senior Class President Roya Hegdahl, who attended her freshman Spring Gala at Guastavino’s, noted that the venue was incredibly spacious and well-organized, allowing for a natural flow of events. More importantly, hosting the Spring Gala at Guastavino’s would mean cheaper gala tickets for attendees, as well as the extra benefits of hors d’oeuvres and a larger “beverage” selection. GSSC unanimously approved Guastavino’s as the 2018 Spring Gala venue.

Read about GS’s new first-year initiative



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Me, thinking about all the good news in the world lol

Happening Around The World: Mariano Rajoy, the prime minister of Spain, seeks clarification from Catalonia, asks whether or not they have declared independence. After signing a letter of independence, Catalan leaders had suspended its immediate implementation, as tensions between Catalonia and the rest of Spain began to rise. The possibility of PM Rajoy invoking his emergency powers to halt Catalan self-rule still remains. A response from Catalan leaders is pending. (BBC)

Happening In The US: After the first exposé by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, more and more individuals have stepped forward with their accounts of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour. Six more women, including famed actresses, Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow, have come forward detailing how the film producer and (former) studio executive abused his powers. Paltrow stated, “This way of treating women ends now.” (NYT)

Happening In NYC: Yesterday’s trial of the Chelsea bombing suspect, Ahmad Rahimi, was funnier than you thought. One key piece of evidence were several texts between Rahimi and an individual named Zobeydh. One text from Rahimi read, “Lmfaooo don’t wanna find any time bombs”. When Rahimi was asked what “Lmfaooo” meant, the jury and the courtroom audience reportedly broke into laughter with Rahimi giggling as well. (Daily)

Happening On Campus: Barnard Columbia Divest and Columbia EcoReps have teamed up to co-sponsor a panel on “federal environmental attacks in the Trump era“. Speakers include Susan Kraham, professor and attorney at Columbia Law School’s Environmental Law Clinic, Sara Tjossem, Professor of Environmental Policy at SIPA, and Jennie Olsen, a Federal Environmental Defense Fellow at Environment America. Join the conversation on how we can protect our bedrock environmental laws tonight from 8-9pm in Pupin 414.

Bop Of The Day: Man’s Not Hot by Big Shaq

Self portrait via Christian Fox



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On fire or nah?

Students have been hit with a barrage of fire alarms in the past 48 hours: 4 times in EC. 3 times in McBain. Once in Carman. And the JJ’s sprinkler system is malfunctioning. The latest false alarm happened minutes ago in EC.

Is the stress of midterms causing people to toke up at 3:30am on a Tuesday? Or in JJ’s? This doesn’t seem plausible–perhaps this would make sense for the first ring of the bell, but what is the cause of the successive alarms only minutes after students re-enter the buildings?

We would have asked the Public Safety officers in the EC lobby what was going on, but we couldn’t bother to drag ourselves out of bed for the fourth time. Our theory? The campus-wide alarm system is fucked, and now we’re never going to know if it’s some fake shit or if we’re actually going to die. Sleep well!

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