What The Fuck Is Going On With The Fire Alarms?

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On fire or nah?

Students have been hit with a barrage of fire alarms in the past 48 hours: 4 times in EC. 3 times in McBain. Once in Carman. And the JJ’s sprinkler system is malfunctioning. The latest false alarm happened minutes ago in EC.

Is the stress of midterms causing people to toke up at 3:30am on a Tuesday? Or in JJ’s? This doesn’t seem plausible–perhaps this would make sense for the first ring of the bell, but what is the cause of the successive alarms only minutes after students re-enter the buildings?

We would have asked the Public Safety officers in the EC lobby what was going on, but we couldn’t bother to drag ourselves out of bed for the fourth time. Our theory? The campus-wide alarm system is fucked, and now we’re never going to know if it’s some fake shit or if we’re actually going to die. Sleep well!

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  1. fuck this shit  

    had to leave mcbain at 2am because of a goddamn fire drill.... i'm not paying 70 grand/year to get my ears ripped apart by some ridiculous alarm in the middle of the night.

  2. Anonymous

    Students are pulling these and it is not funny. They should be fined.

  3. Anonymous

    There was another fire alarm about an hour ago at nussbaum

  4. Anonymous  

    glad schapiro for once isnt on this list

  5. Anonymous  

    Also feel bad for the firefighters who have to deal with this shit

  6. Anonymous

    The janitors are just getting their jollies watching us run out of the buildings

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