Bwoglines: History Repeats Itself Edition

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Happening Around The World: Heightened racial tensions and hostile relations with communist nations? It really is the 1950s all over again. North Korea has warned of a possible hydrogen bomb test over the Pacific Ocean, a threat that apparently should be taken “very seriously”. Just as a reminder, the h-bomb is 1,000 times more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. (The Guardian)

Come on everyone, it isn’t even Halloween yet.

Happening In The US: Can we call it the Weinstein effect? More and more powerful men are facing and in some cases being fired over sexual assault allegations – including famed photographer Terry Richardson, who’s been cut off by Condé Nast, and former President George H.W. Bush. Listen, if even one good thing can come out of this awful mess, I’m all for it. (People, Deadspin)

Happening In NYC: Even though it hit above 70 this week, Bryant Park’s Winter Village is opening this Saturday. Head there before noon and get free hot chocolate, if you want to wait on an inevitable line for two hours. And we thought the Ferris milkshakes were bad. (Gothamist)

Happening At Columbia: CMTS’ fifth annual production of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” takes place in the Diana Oval tomorrow at 9 PM. Get your tickets here before they sell out!


An extremely uncomfortable Barnard alum pictured with a glowing DSpar. How’s 66th St. treating you, Debora? Wait, do you even take the subway?

America’s Best Winter Markets via Pinterest

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