CUCR Protesters Release Statement Of Defense

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Students protest against Tommy Robinson outside Lerner on October 10.

Nineteen Columbia students have collectively released a statement of defense to Columbia administrators, who are currently disciplining the students for their protests of white nationalist Tommy Robinson speaking at a CUCR-sponsored event.

Sixteen of the 19 students are still undergoing investigation for their alleged misconduct, and are, according to one member, currently stuck in a “disciplinary purgatory.” Furthermore, before the students’ meetings with administration, Provost John Coatsworth had banned them from attending future CUCR events.

Citing video footage, the students also point out that they had engaged in discussion respectfully during the event, and that the CUCR representatives had in fact allowed them to stand in the front of the room. The statement alludes to multiple sections of the Rules of University Conduct, in order to both clear their actions and to label CUCR’s actions as a “genuine threat of harassment.”

The students plan to defy the ban and protest the CUCR-sponsored Mike Cernovich speech tomorrow.

The full statement is included below:

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  1. concerned columbia grad student

    Its horrible what the university is doing to these students merely for protesting against a violent criminal bigot like Robinson. There's a reason he's banned from this country. But of course instead of questioning why the College Republicans would want to bring over someone who is calling for Muslims to be put in camps, the University would rather discipline students.

  2. Anonymous

    Hate speech is violent and kills. Look at what happened in Charlottesville.

  3. CUCR is so extra  

    CUCR are just such pussys. They booked the entirety of Lerner for this event and got leftists banned from their events.

    Meanwhile, students protesting their rapists remaining on campus haven't gotten their attackers banned from their events, or pulled any of the petty 'book the building' bullshit. Women who are actually in danger aren't getting half the protection.

    Spineless lil bitches actually fighting so hard for a safe space rn.

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