Field Notes: Halloweekend Edition

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A visual representation of every bathroom in every dorm this weekend.

While Bwog is known for getting it on and having a wild time over the weekend, there isn’t a better weekend to go over-the-top than Halloweekend. Whether you’re attempting to recover from your weekend antics or need a good laugh, these Bwoglines are written and curated for you. So sit back, relax, and enjoy our shitty endeavors.

Bwog and Halloween:

  • Got kicked out of the Spirit Halloween store with a friend for trying on a costume in the manger’s room (we thought it was a fitting room).
  • Went to a low-key Halloween party with friends from high school; was the only one who showed up in a costume.
  • Threw a Halloween party with alcohol leftover from my suitemate’s Bat Mitzvah eight years ago.
  • My teenage self went to a Halloween house party in Brooklyn with too many 30+ year olds.
  • Did a 9-block walk of shame on Saturday morning in a dinosaur onesie. Two firefighters said they like my outfit: one said “Where’s the party,” while the other said “The party was last night and she’s just getting back.” I felt attacked.
  • Went to a Halloween party in bed stuy where a kid dressed up as LSD and was selling LSD!
  • Went to a NYU Halloween party and no less than 5 people dressed up as characters from indie documentaries.
  • Asked my mom to drive for over an hour just to bring me a sweatshirt for a Halloween costume; not only did she agree to do it, she also brought me lunch.  I love my mom.

Bwog and Drinking:

  • Took a vodka shot at The Heights that went down and came right back up.
  • Got drunk as fuck at 6pm at Lerner Pub/Oktoberfest. Ended the night at midnight at JJ’s.
  • Had the purple grape jungle juice at Lambda. It tasted like Emergen-C.
  • Got unexpectedly wasted before trying to meet up with this guy at The Heights. Instead of meeting up, I cracked my phone screen.
  • Tried to drink beer with a straw? I don’t know what compelled me to do this but it was awful, definitely don’t do it.
  • Had Spodie, which apparently is when people just throw cheap vodka and fruit punch into a cooler.
  • Didn’t have a corkscrew, so my friends and I unsuccessfully attempted to use a screwdriver instead, ended up pushing the cork into the rosé, and drank corky rosé.
  • Had a surprisingly deep drunk conversation about gourds as an analogy for the Kinsey scale.
  • Puked in the Fairholm basement and didn’t tell anyone about it, then headed to another party and continued drinking.

Bwog in the City:

  • Took the train from Morningside Heights to JFK and back just to pick up friends who were staying over for the weekend.
  • Saw Dear Evan Hansen with my family and cried harder than I have in months (triggering an existential spiral).
  • Got an Uber from EC to Mel’s.
  • Went to my friend’s party four L stops into Brooklyn and me and my date didn’t know anyone so we just observed rich private school kids.
  • Got hot pot with a friend in a tiny place in Flushing with no obvious name and only five seats.
  • Flirted with the security guard who kicked me off a restricted part of the High Line.

Bwog and Academia:

  • Got a 100 on my second CS lab!
  • Had my first really good drunk cry of the semester.
  • Hooked up with a guy from my FroSci seminar that I did back of the envelope calculations with on the first day.
  • Had an existential crisis on the 1 at midnight, clung desperately to a pole for spiritual support.

A typical Carman 6 bathroom during Halloweekend via Instructables


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