Classes To Take Before You Die I Mean Graduate: Spring 2018 Edition

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You, screaming with joy after reading this list of exciting new classes to take this spring!


Spring registration starts *gasp* Monday. If you’ve been frantically checking CULPA slash Vergil slash EZACU, look no further. Here are Bwog’s top picks for classes to take this spring. Feel free to leave your own recommendations in the comments!

Art History: Jonathan Reynolds, Modern Japanese Architecture

“Don’t let the heavy reading load or 4000-level course number scare you – the course is totally doable with no prior art history knowledge, and Prof. Reynolds is one of the nicest and most interesting professors I’ve ever had.  Basically, take this if you’re a weeb.”

Biology: Hilary Callahan, Plants and Profits: The Global Power of Botany

“Professor Hilary Callahan (the Barnard bio department’s resident plant lady) is teaching a really cool new lecture/lab class on plant conservation that’s going to involve trips to the NY Botanical Garden!”

Core/English: Austin Graham, The 1960s; Lit Hum

“Take anything by Professor Thomas Austin Graham. He is an amazing professor; I had him for Lit Hum and miss him very much.”

Political Science: Robert Jervis, International Politics

“Almost everyone I know strongly dislikes this class and this man, because his voice is incredibly monotonous. However, this class straight up changed my view of the world. Jervis is a fucking genius. The best part of class is the beginning, when he reads through a selection of current newspaper clippings, dissecting what’s going on in the world. I did less than half the readings and still came away with a lot of knowledge.”

Russian: Lisa Knapp, Tolstoy and Dostoevsky [In English]

“She got me to read all of War and Peace and really love it. Her enthusiasm is infectious.”

Spanish: Dolores Barbazan Capeans, Intermediate Spanish II

“She’s an excellent Spanish professor, if you’re trying to figure out which section to take. She’s a bit new so her Culpa probably isn’t all that, but she has been one of the most loving and patient professors I’ve had.”

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    Anything in the math department taught by Robert Friedman.

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