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We here at Bwog are quite proud of our FAPing skills over the weekend. While many people spent this past weekend doing normal, boring things, Bwog Staff took things up a notch and FAPed away, because what’s better than Food, Alcohol, and Partying?

What a fancy glass of wine!

Bwog and Food:

  • Shared a lot of dishes/utensils with people, then found out I have strep.
  • Had the best sushi of my life at the restaurant of the apprentice of Jiro from “Jiro Dreams of Sushi.”
  • Ate an obscene amount of dim sum.
  • Have Postmated my meals for the past three days because I lost all my important possessions – namely my school id, fake id, debit card, and insurance card, and keys.
  • Went to a fancy restaurant for my 20th birthday with my grandparents. They announced I was turning 20 to the waitress, who then brought me a glass of wine.
  • Burnt my tongue on Wawa’s free sample coffee.
  • Was forced into dinner with my friend and her former TA. Felt attacked when he, a 26-year-old man, used the phrase “good vibes” unironically.
  • Had ice cream no less than 3 times even though it was fucking freezing outside.
  • Made cinnamon rolls! From scratch!

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Hello Pret! We look forward to welcoming you soon too!

Rumors about Pret opening near campus have been floating around for weeks, but it’s finally official now. A Pret sign was hung up on the empty store window next to Shake Shack, confirming their arrival in the near future. This would be the newest in a series of similar made-to-order fast food restaurant chains that have been coming to MoHi recently, including Shake Shack and Panda Express (opening soon!).

Hopefully, this trend of new eateries coming near campus will continue. There are a lot of empty storefronts in MoHi (like Spirit Halloween’s empty space and the pile of trash in front of it) and it’s quite depressing, not to mention more new food options would be welcome additions to the Ferris-halal-Digg Inn-HamDel routine. We’re certainly looking forward to skipping the Sweetgreens line to get a sandwich from Pret.

Pret is here via Amara Banks



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CCSC keeps drinking haterade, and Bwogger Nadra Rahman is here to give you some secondhand hydration. And yup, there are CUCR updates.

CCSC returned to its regular programming last night (after a particularly spicy meeting two weeks ago), with the bulk of the meeting time focused on the student advising system. But before that, members had to finalize the language they will use in their complaint against the Columbia University College Republicans (CUCR)—a complaint that will be evaluated by the Student Group Adjudication Board and might result in serious ramifications for CUCR’s funding or future programming.

CUCR Update

The concern report drafted by CCSC (in full below) centered on the “objective costs” of CUCR’s recent objectionable programming rather than the emotional and mental tolls that were discussed in-depth at the last meeting. These costs include (1) the excessive financial burden placed on the security and facilities funds (funded by student activities fees) by the Tommy Robinson and Mike Cernovich events and (2) these events’ effects on space accessibility, as they resulted in the barring of students from Lerner and the cancellation of other events set to take place in the building. The report claims that these costs are not outweighed by the benefits of CUCR’s programming and as such, the organization should face consequences: “As representatives of the student body, we believe that students should not have to pay for the decisions of one group which do not only negatively impact the community, but in fact restrict all other potentially positive community programming.”

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Everybody’s fav stop!!

After another Friday night spent getting plastered with your NYU friends, it’s time to make the lonely trek back uptown on our good ole friend The 1 Train. This weekend, Arts Editor Sarah Kinney shared a 1 train car at 2am with a good friend (totally coincidental encounter) who then proceeded to puke all over the platform on 42nd St. station. Oh, and also her ex’s roommate. She was consequently inspired to create this guide for the archetypes you encounter on the 1 train at 2am on a Friday night, all the way from Canal to 116th. 

The couple making out.

Late at night you can always find couples on the train who have had a bit too much wine and don’t give a shit about PDA. They’re sitting down, but really one of them is just sitting on the other’s lap. They’re getting handsy and it would make you uncomf except for the fact that this is New York and everybody just minds their own damn business. You’d think they were cute if you weren’t drowning in crippling loneliness yourself. They get off at Times Square, presumably to transfer.

The guy snoring.

You’re pretty sure they’ve missed their stop. Their snoring is louder than the macking sounds of the couple across from them, so at least you’ve got an eclectic soundtrack. You relate to them on a deeply personal level because falling asleep on the subway can be so cathartic. As long as no one steals your stuff. Tread carefully, kids. You never see them get off the train.

The girl crying

Same, girl. She’s lettin’ those tears flow and she doesn’t give a fuck about who sees. You sorta want to go over to her and make sure she’s okay, but as I’ve said before, this is New York and everybody just minds their own damn business, so you decide to stay where you are. You wonder about all the different reasons why she could be crying… did she just get dumped? Did her grandma die? Is she just the type of person who cries every time they get drunk? Same, girl. She gets off at Lincoln Center.

The happy group of friends.

Finally, something positive! This group of pals has just finished a #lit evening doing karaoke in Ktown and now they’re headed back uptown. You’re pretty sure they go to Columbia. You feel a sense of camaraderie with them, knowing you’ll all be getting off at the same spot. They’re in high spirits and provide a nice contract to the bawling girl a few seats down. They get off at 116th.

The loud drunk.

This guy is singing, yelling, and almost falling on his face every single time the train pulls away from the station. You’re kinda worried he’s gonna puke on you. He’s totally alone, which is a tad worrisome… Is he going to make it home okay? He’s a grown ass man, hopefully he will. Also you don’t really give a shit and you try to tune him out. You get off the train before he does.

The lone observer.

You. You’re just drunk enough after your night out to where you take in the subway car around you as if in a dream. You’re content and observant. You probably have headphones in, but also maybe not. You’re carefully looking at each other person in the almost-empty car because they’re so caught up in their own worlds that they’re not noticing a thing. You’re not snoring or yelling or crying. You get off at 116th.

Image via Wikipedia (can you believe the 116th st station has its own Wikipedia page??)



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Happening Around the World: Over 300 people have been killed after a 7.3 earthquake hit the northern region of Iran yesterday. With an additional 7,000 injured individuals, this is now the deadliest earthquake of 2017, with most of the damage being done in the Kermanshah Province. (BBC)

Honestly, after being in Spirit Halloween when it was opened, I’m surprised the pile isn’t messier.

Happening in the US: In an interview recently conducted, former Vice President Joe Biden revealed that he would have never agreed to replace Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Party nominee during the 2016 election. This news comes just weeks after his confirmation of running for President during the 2020 campaign cycle. (Washington Post)

Happening in NYC: Good news – public education in NYC is seeing a boost in effort through the means of parents. In a recently conducted study, family outreach programs as well as a genuine interest for their child’s education has significantly increased parental involvement in their child’s public school education. With more parents attending parent-teacher conferences and school-based workshops than ever, this is a positive trend that will hopefully incite good change. (NY Daily News)

Happening on Campus: Columbia’s annual Breast Cancer Awareness Blood Drive Campaign is today! Come to the Roone Arledge Auditorium from 9 AM to 1:30 PM to donate blood or learn about cancer-related issues that scientists are trying to solve today!

Overseen on Campus: The final remnants of Spirit Halloween lying all over the sidewalk. Where will these items go? What will become of Spirit Halloween? We may never know.

Trashy remains via Bwog Staff

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