Barnard Announces 2018 Phi Beta Kappa Inductees

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Athena would be proud

While all of us were gearing up for Thanksgiving break last Tuesday, Barnard announced the fall Phi Beta Kappa inductees from the class of 2018. The list this year is particularly short; only thirteen students. Congratulations to these seniors!

  • Megan Cerbin (Spanish and Latin American Cultures)
  • Milena d’Ornano (Political Science)
  • Allison Hand (Psychology & Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality)
  • Lauren Hayashi (Environmental Science)
  • Doha Tazi Hemida (Asian and Middle-Eastern Cultures & Religion)
  • Aliza Holstein (Psychology)
  • Rebecca Jedwab (Economics)
  • Ana Shindell (Anthropology)
  • Danielle Silber (Psychology)
  • Kyra Spence (English-Writing)
  • Teresa Tracy (Political Science & Spanish and Latin American Cultures)
  • Erin Low Li Wen (Philosophy)
  • Lingke Xiao (Economics)

Barnard’s favorite statue via Barnard’s website

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  1. bwog, you're dumb  

    this is the preliminary pbk list for 2018, the full list comes out in april
    (which you would know if you even read your own articles from last year)

  2. commentator, you're dumb

    The so-called "junior PBK" inductees are announced in the fall. These are the best of the best. The rest of the inductees (who are also extremely accomplished, just not as much as the early inductees) are announced a bit before graduation.

  3. this is the preliminary pbk list for 2018, the full list comes out in april..

  4. This is the preliminary pbk list for 2018..

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