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Riley Casey makes a move against Boston College.

The men’s and women’s basketball teams both played tight games this past Wednesday. Staff writer Abby Rubel explains the results of each matchup.

Men’s basketball loses by five points in overtime:

Men’s basketball (1-5) fell to University of Connecticut (5-2) 77-73 in a heartbreaking overtime loss. The Lions led with 2:36 left on the clock, thanks in part to a 25 point effort from junior Lukas Meisner and an 11 point lead going into halftime. The Huskies then came back in the second half, taking the lead for the first time since the opening seconds with 1:40 left in the game. Two free throws from sophomore Patrick Tapé gave the Lions the lead again, and a three-pointer from sophomore Quinton Adlesh seemed to put it away. But UConn guard Jalen Adams hit a jumper with 19 seconds left to tie the game up, and first-year Mike Smith missed a three-pointer in the final seconds, sending the game to overtime.

The Huskies took the lead quickly with a three-pointer, which was answered a minute later with a layup and a free throw from Smith to tie the score again. Smith scored another three a few seconds later to answer one from Adams. But a foul by Meisner gave UConn two free throws and the lead and, despite a layup from senior Nate Hickman, Columbia couldn’t come back. A jump shot and two free throws from UConn put away the game.

Women’s basketball ends three-game losing streak by eight points:

Women’s basketball (3-5) eked out a tight victory 68-60 over Boston College (3-4). After a contentious first half, the Lions outshot the Eagles in the third quarter 20-12. Boston attempted a comeback in the fourth, but Columbia maintained its lead thanks in part to first-year Riley Casey. Casey scored only 12 points the entire game, but 10 of those points came clutch in the fourth quarter as the Lions struggled to shut down the Eagles. Her 12 point effort was the second highest personal point total of the day for the Lions, behind only Camille Zimmerman’s 14 points.

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Despite it being quite late in the semester, it’s also roommate switching season. While most of us at least tolerate those who live with us, some aren’t so lucky. If this is you, you probably know it. However, if you’re on the fence about changing rooms, here are some criteria you may want to consider:

If you and your roommate are no longer this tight, it might be because of these reasons.

You should think about switching roommates if…

  • They constantly sexile you.
  • They constantly sexile you and then they don’t even have sex. They just, like, cuddle or something.
  • They never wash their sheets or towels. Like, ever.
  • They don’t wake you up when you’re sleeping through a class.
  • Their cleaning habits or lack thereof are basically an open invitation for vermin.
  • They unironically have the “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster.
  • They don’t understand the concept of headphones.
  • You loan them something and later find it on Buy/Sell/Trade.
  • They screenshot all your snapchats.
  • They use the phrase “Saturdays are for the boys”.



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Columbia is one of the most sleep deprived schools, so no wonder people are falling asleep everywhere. When, on her way back to campus after Thanksgiving, staff writer Aliya Schneider heard someone snoring behind her on the train, she was inspired to compile this ranking of the worst places on campus (ordered from best to absolute worst). What’s the worse place you’ve slept on campus?

Find a place to sleep that isn’t on this list, unlike this poor Butler soul.

10. The Lawn
Con: Everyone can see you. Everyone can take snapchats of you. If you’re in a hammock, people call you extra. If you’re cuddling with someone, people tell you to get a room. Maybe a bird poops on you. Your professor sees you. Your Columbia Crush sees your drool. You wouldn’t know what happened, because you were asleep.
Pro: You finally left Butler and got some fresh air.

9. The Floor In Front Of Cafe East
Con: It’s random as hell, which makes you super noticeable.
Pro: Not many other people sleep here, and if you’re in the corner, you’re out of the way. No one will step on you unless you’re blocking an outlet or trash can.

8. Butler
Con: You’re bothering everyone with your snoring, you’re taking up space that people who actually want to study could use, you’re contributing to the stress culture and weird atmosphere in Butler, you need to leave and go to bed, or go get some fresh air and sleep on the lawn.
Pro: You’re showing your commitment to this fine institution and the art of learning by making our beautiful library your home. Butler is open all night so you could save on city housing costs by never leaving.

The worst seven places ahead…



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A fire engine in front of Ruggles Hal, with its ladder extended towards a third-story window while students look on.

Students last night were forced to evacuate the burning residence hall.

Ruggles Hall decided to do its best impression of our hearts and minds this finals week by setting itself ablaze. At about 11:30 pm last night, Bwog started receiving tips about a growing fire on 114th Street. When windows started to shatter, we could tell that this was not your average false fire alarm. You can follow along with the full coverage of the fire through last night’s tweets.

One of the most afflicted rooms was visibly black with soot and ravaged by the flame. It took about a dozen firefighters for the situation to get the situation under control, and most Ruggles residents were put out of their homes for hours.

As though conspiring to prevent the Fire Department of New York from getting any sleep, another alarm went off in Wien Hall around 1:45 am. Our sources who live in that dorm reported that floors 7, 8, and 9 were “smokey”, but that the situation was resolved relatively quickly; students were able to re-enter after only a half-hour of sleep deprivation.

As one new arrival in Morningside Heights remarked, “I’ve never been to a school that’s so bad at not being on fire.” This semester has been more plagued by an incessant spree of fire alarms, which have spurred a variety of responses from students. But fires have constantly plagued Columbia and Barnard, from the famous 2015 fire which spelled the end of Ollie’s (which was supposedly accidental) to a 2016 Schapiro incident which Public Safety later classified as an arson. Butler Library got a scare in 2014, and Elliot Hall joined the fun in 2016. Has Columbia ever considered not being on fire?

UPDATE, 11/30/17, 6 pm: Earlier this afternoon, Columbia students received an email from Joyce Jackson, Tara Hanna, and Bryan Violetto (Columbia’s Housing Director, Res Life Director, and Fire Safety Facilities and Operations Manager, respectively) with more information on the Ruggles fire. They wrote that the fire started on the third floor of the dorm, due to clothing that was placed on top of a halogen lamp connected to electricity via an extension cord; halogen lamps and extension cords are both prohibited items in Columbia residence halls. This fire, the directors hope, will be a useful incentive for all students to review general fire and kitchen safety procedures. Housing and Res Life also confirmed that the building was evacuated without any reported injuries.

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A very insta-worthy event.

It seems like there should be a bit of a lull in the workload between midterms and finals, but there really isn’t. Take a break from wasting away in the library and visit the tree lighting ceremony on College Walk tonight!

According to the Facebook event:

We will serve hot chocolate, cider, and donuts and have amazing Columbia long-sleeves starting at 5:30pm. At 6, there will be performances from a cappella groups, special words from your student councils and school deans, and of course, the countdown for the tree lighting itself!

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Happening Around The World: Remember when North Korea was launching a bunch of missiles and they weren’t really going anywhere? Well, they did it again and now they’re going somewhere. The country’s government claims that their latest ballistic missile launch reached ten times the height of the International Space Station, and now the US is asking other nations to cut all ties with the DPRK. (BBC)

To reiterate: Really fucking high.

Happening In The US: Longtime “Today Show” anchor Matt Lauer has been fired from NBC after multiple allegations of sexual misconduct from coworkers. As SNL put it, it does indeed seem like every man we once trusted is a sex monster. (NBC News)

Happening In NYC: A review of the mayoral election found that New York Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge received ten write-in votes for the city’s highest office. Just when you think New York couldn’t out-New York itself any more… (NY Post)

Happening At Columbia: The Alexander Hamilton Society presents “Iran: Deal or No Deal” tonight in room 101 of the Law School from 8:00 – 9:30 pm. The event will be a debate between Danielle Pletka and David Phillips, and will center on whether the Iran Deal is a “landmark compromise or a dismal failure”.

Overheard: “Pret a Manger”, pronounced like “Away in a Manger”. Christmas is coming, folks!

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