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Ah, 2017. It’s been an amazing twelve years since the start of 2016, so to celebrate this impossibly long year, we at Bwog decided to give out awards every Friday until the new year. Our first installment: Top Ten Best Worst Comments. These are the comments which were the actual worst, but never failed to make us smile. Ranking these would be as useless as these comments, so just enjoy the gallery.



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Last night, staff writer Abby Rubel went to the Barnard Theatre Department’s production of Translations, directed by Barnard lecturer Sharon Fogarty. It runs through Saturday, December 9.

I walked into Translations unsure of what to expect. The Facebook event page only told me that it was “a modern historical parable of the brutality of rule,” and I was reluctant to Google further lest I be inadvertently spoiled. But a brief note in the program from Dramaturg Luke Cregan (CC ’19) hinted at what to expect–a play that explored a cultural identity crisis through the British control of Ireland. As someone almost completely unfamiliar with Irish history, this note helped me understand the history the play deals with rather than thrusting me into it unprepared.

The play opens with a movement piece, with most of the cast assembled on the stage and Arielle Firestone’s (JTS/GS ’19) lovely voice as the only accompaniment. Aside from the absolutely gorgeous singing, I didn’t think this piece added much to the play and only served to confuse me from the beginning because it didn’t provide any context for the play to come.

Luckily, the play’s plot was fairly straightforward. The British army was mapping Ireland and, in the process, Anglicizing all the Gaelic names and erasing the Irish identity. In the midst of this culture war, the community of Baile Beag (pronounced something like “Balleyuh Bay”) welcomed home Owen, the son of the schoolteacher and town drunk. Owen, played by Brandon Walsh (GS ’18), had abandoned his community to work with the army as a translator since almost no one in Ireland knows English. (At least, that is the impression the play gave.) A native Irishman, he was participating in the destruction of his culture. He particularly came into conflict with his brother, Manus, portrayed by Daniel Kvoras (GS ’19), who accused him of selling out. Owen brought with him two English soldiers: Lancey, played by Rupert Fennessy (CC ’21), and Yolland, played by Jesse Cao (CC ‘20). Yolland fell in love with Máire (pronounced Moire), played by Chloé Worthington (BC ’18), which is problematic both because they don’t speak the same language and because Manus already had his eye on her.

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Last night, the Fall 2017 Visual Undergraduates Thesis Exhibition opened in the LeRoy Neiman Gallery, which is accessible either through Dodge or the entrance on College Walk. Visual arts seniors exhibited work in a variety of media, ranging from photography to crochet to painting. The artists also touched on a wide spectrum of themes; standouts included works considering race relations, female athletes, and biotechnology. The exhibit will remain open until December 14th, and the gallery is open from 9 am to 5 pm from Monday through Friday. The show is a great way to see some modern art without making the trek all the way to the MoMA, so if you like what you see here, check it out.

Photos by Zöe Sottile.



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A snapshot of some popular forms of contraception. Campus buildings not included.

Yeah, you just reached the weird part of Bwog. Tag yourself.

Lerner = The Pull Out Method. Whoever designed this, like, wasn’t thinking, at all. We don’t care that he was an alum. Don’t try this at home. Lights up purple sometimes.

Barnard Quad Buildings = The Pill. Kind of annoying, but always there for you when you need it. Doesn’t work if you do it at the wrong time. ‘Chastity gates’ close at 11 pm. Seems like basically everyone has been here, done that. Baby form of birth control.

Hamilton = Copper IUD. Only one FDA-approved brand (Paragard). Lowkey famous but not as big as the pill. 99% effective. Might give you cramps but lasts 12 years. A bitch if you take the stairs. Should be free with insurance under the Affordable Care Act, but they will stiff you.

Butler = The Patch. Extremely visible. Not easy to forget about. Gets the job done but kind of a turn off. Literally stuck onto your skin.

Maison Française = Condom. Oldest thing on campus. Used to be part of an insane asylum but actually nice inside. Comes with wine. Can be uncomfortable and can break if used incorrectly.

Diana Center = Internal Condom. Most Columbia guys don’t know how to get here or how to use it. Not very effective. All the walls are red. Off-brand Starbucks on first floor that doesn’t accept gold cards.

LeFrak Center = Spermicide. Literally kills sperm. What actually is this? Again, dudes don’t really know this one. Used to be a gym, that was the last place Malcolm X spoke publicly before getting assassinated. Temporary Barnard Library.

Low Library = The Shot. Seems cool in theory but you have to actually do it once every three months. Easy to forget about. PrezBo’s office is here, but he’s never there.

Kent = Hormonal IUD. Hamilton’s prettier/more popular cousin, but only lasts 3-6 years. You can get stickers here. Elevator is still shitty.

Mudd = The Implant. A literal rod in your arm. Will bruise on insertion. Easy to forget about except when bae holds your upper arm. Slowly becoming more hip. MakerSpace inside. Upper level form of birth  control.

EC = Sterilization. Life-altering, but you’ve thought it through. You can never have kids. Good views of the city. Potential for what your future might look like.

Any Frat House = Abstinence. A little gross, full of mostly cis men with whom everyone has at least a little reservation about sleeping with. You’ll probably end up here at some point in your life, and you probably won’t wanna go back.

Srat House = Plan B. What did you think? You got the shittiest number possible in the housing lottery. Thank god you rushed, though. Living here will make you moody for months on end, but at least you are safe.

Math Building = The Calendar Method. You have to be really good at math for this. Hard. Still doesn’t work sometimes. Advanced form of birth control.

Contraceptives graphic via Macrovector on Dreamstime



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Fun fact: The SAT score average among owls is higher than among CU students.

Senior Wisdom nomination season is nearing its close! To nominate a senior who inspires you to be a better (or arguably worse) person but most of all, graduates at the end of the semester, hit us up with their name, school, UNI, and a brief description explaining why you think they deserve a Senior Wisdom. Email us at or use our anonymous form. We are currently only accepting nominations for seniors who are graduating at the end of this (fall 2017) semester.

The deadline for submissions is tonight, 12/8, Friday, National Brownie Day, at 11:59 pm. Thanks to all the submitters who have already contacted us and for those of you who haven’t, you still have time!




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California is literally on fire but it doesn’t matter because we’re all about to be overrun by drunk Santas.

Happening Around The World: Same-sex marriage has been officially legalized in Australia! The online registry form also includes an ‘x’ option for gender, for “indeterminate, intersex or unspecified.” (NY Daily News)

Happening In The US: Minnesota Senator Al Franken announced in a speech on the Senate floor that he would be retiring after allegations of groping and improper advances. He took parting shots at Roy Moore and Donald Trump, both of whom have the near-complete backing of their party despite worse allegations. (NYT)

Happening In NYC: If you at all have the option of taking refuge outside Manhattan, preferably in a local bomb shelter, you should because this Saturday is SantaCon. Herds of drunken Santas will be roaming the bars and streets of the city in a nightmare which I’m sure Stephen King thought up, but decided against writing about because it’d be too scary. (Curbed)

Happening At Columbia: Orchesis is presenting their show, “Love is an Open DoORCHESIS” tonight in Roone Auditorium at 8:30 and 10:30. Check out our reviews of prior Orchesis events here, and we hope to see you there.

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