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I guess these turtles are getting all the way down.

Ah, 2017. It’s been an amazing twelve years since the start of 2016, so to celebrate this impossibly long year, we at Bwog decided to give out awards every Friday until the new year. Our first installment, which you should totally check out, was the Top Ten Best Worst Comments. This time, we’re taking a look back at the best titles for the best daily post everyone loves to ignore, Bwoglines!

Is Bobsled Short For Robertsled Edition

There Is No Essence, Just A Bunch Of Turtles Edition

Trump Fiddled While New York Burned Edition

Hey Man, Rush Beta Edition

Our Brains Are Fried But We’re Happy To Be Here Edition

Taxes, Easter, And Homosexual Tendencies Edition

Everything Is Shit, But We Know That Already Edition

Comme Des Hell Down Edition

Power, Pantsuits And Puerto Rico Edition

Let’s Just Make It To The End Edition




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We really appreciated the toasty warmth of Butler Library.

Ah, Orgo Night. As revealed by CUMB at 11:30 pm, this year’s Orgo Night was back in Butler 209, despite administration previously barring them from performing in the library. If you missed the memo, don’t fret: as per Bwog tradition, we sent Bwog froshies Jenny Zhu and Zack Abrams to review this year’s Orgo Night. 

This year’s Orgo Night advertised that it would be “Back in the But,” and it delivered. Just as the clock struck midnight, CUMB members rose from the ashes, put on their iconic Columbia blue long sleeves, and began playing “Roar, Lion, Roar!” in (yep) Butler 209. Spirits were high, as chants of “Orgo Night! Orgo Night!” filled the air.

We saw this in the script, and it made us physically uncomfortable. Who the heck writes “Netflix” as “NetFlix”? And why do they hate themselves?

As demonstrated by the multiple Public Safety officers stationed inside Butler lobby, Columbia administration had expected Orgo Night to take place outside this year, yet CUMB somehow was able to surreptitiously smuggle all their instruments (including a toilet seat) and members inside 209. While at first administration closed off 209 and refused to allow any students to enter past midnight, they relented by 12:10 pm, with cheers heard as new students started filtering in.

CUMB began their 209 comeback tour by likening the recent new chain openings in Morningside Heights to some student stereotypes that you might see at Columbia itself. Their first target was the oh-so-beloved, yet oh-so-overpriced Shake Shack, which they compared to a Columbia fuckboy: “You know they’re no good for you, and they’re not even that good; but sometimes, you just need a nice… hunk…of underwhelming meat.”

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Let us know which album defined your semester in the comments!

The Bwog Staff discusses the albums that defined their semester. For some of us, it was our first semester on campus adjusting to the frantic pace of city life. For others, they were celebrating some of their last time on campus. We hope you enjoy our selections.

Jenny Zhu
Lorde’s Melodrama. Do I even need to explain??? Pure pop perfection. Lorde has this magical quality that makes the album colorful, witty, and youthful at the same time.

Victoria Arancio
Broods, Conscious. I saw them at the meadows this year and I really liked their set. I listened to them more as semester continued. They’re really good for a chill night in your dorm, or if you’re wanting to feel a lot of emotions.

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Earlier this afternoon, Barnard students received an email from President Sian Beilock describing the progress made by the Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion and announcing the creation of a senior position devoted to diversity and inclusion, as well as an effort to make more diverse hires in general.

Other substantial steps taken include the creation of a permanent email address ( and an anonymous form on the Diversity Inclusion website to facilitate communication between the task force and the student body. There will be more conversations in the spring.

In her email, Beilock stressed the council’s emphasis on communicating with the student body and ensuring that the task force could serve the community’s needs. To this end, she said, the council has been having conversations with faculty and students to ensure that the council can take the most appropriate steps towards creating “a diverse, inclusive, and equitable community.”

She also discussed the need for more inclusive pedagogy, including describing a recent faculty workshop, the results of which will be assessed soon.

Beilock closed the email by writing, “We are committed to ensuring that everyone at Barnard is able to work, think and develop to their fullest potential in a community that respects and supports difference.”

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After we found a fly in the fruit salad, we don’t know why you’d even want to swipe in.

Ferris has tried taking measures in the past to prevent people from sneaking in, but now they’re cracking down. Ferris recently instilled a new process in which students must sign out with the desk attendant in order to leave and sign back in to re-enter instead of just leaving their IDs at the front desk.

After typing up a rant, which you can read below, I decided to reach out to Columbia Dining about the new, what I called, policy, and this was the statement I was given on behalf of Columbia Dining:

There is no change to the policy. Students can still leave and return to Ferris during the same meal period. The process has been adjusted to reduce the risk of losing IDs and make the process more efficient for the staff at the register. Rather than leave their ID if they intend to return, a student simply signs a log at the register.

As this new process logistically makes sense, when I was at Ferris today, it was not executed so simply. The commotion of the desk attendant tracking students down who were unaware of the process-change held up the growing line of people trying to swipe in.

Read the rant below



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Wheee large corporate mergers can be fun!

Bwogline: With all the drama of the vote to repeal net neutrality protections yesterday, you may have missed the news that Disney bought most of 21st Century Fox for a cool $52.4 billion in stock. Hopefully, antitrust regulators aren’t distracted by the fact that Anastasia is now a Disney Princess and stop the deal that many see as Hollywood becoming too much under the control of a few giants.

Study Tip: If you’re having trouble concentrating for long periods at a time, I’m a fan of this chrome extension which uses the Pomodoro technique of scheduling short breaks and long breaks to maximize your productivity.


Procrastination Tip: If you’re a fan of flash games and absurdist humor, try out Frog Fractions. If you need a hint on how to progress, swim down. Enjoy!


Just like wet concrete, only colder and more ephemeral.



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When you can’t count on your physic’s professor’s final curve, at least you can count on CUMB. Tonight, they delivered humor and more in, that’s right, Butler 209! Find this semester’s Orgo Night script below.

UPDATE, 12/15/17, 6 pm: This post has been updated to include the final version of the script that was actually read last night.

Orgo Fall 2017 Final by Bwog on Scribd

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