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We’re gonna miss this (Google street) view

For the past few weeks, rumors have circulated various GroupMes and Slack channels regarding a potential Amigo’s closure—ours included. Several tipsters have approached us panicking about the fate of their margarita OG, with funeral dates as near as a week ago to as far as never gonna happen.  As hardworking, persistent journalists, we at Bwog have tried to get to the bottom of this, but after every attempt at investigation, we received a different response to our inquiry. A waiter on December 2nd said they would be closing in three weeks. Later that night, a host initially told us no, but after hearing why we were asking admitted, “you can prevent us from closing by spending more money here.” A waiter the following weekend told us they were closing in January. Today we spoke with another waiter who nervously said he did not know, before eventually deferring us to his manager, Phil, who said he “has no word on it.” From our confusing accounts alone, it seems as if there’s a lot going on with Amigo’s at the moment (sort of like our messy Saturday nights at its bar!), but we hope that everything is okay and will be back to normal soon.

Update, 10:34pm: We received an email from an anonymous employee who informed us that Amigos has been without gas (and as a result without heat) for just over two months. Our tipster told us that management has been “pretty tight-lipped” about whether they are closing, but that it is pretty obvious that this is the case. It looks like we’ll all have to go to the Heights for margaritas now.

Yeah we’re photographically challenged literally via Google Maps

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