Close Encounters Of The JJ’s Kind

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A reminder we all need occasionally.

JJ’s: home of fried food, lines longer than those for the Hamilton elevator, and more often than not, encounters we wish we would have forgotten in the morning. We collected a bunch of Bwogger’s strangest JJ’s stories; be sure to put yours in the comments!

JJ’s forces friendships

“One time my friends and I all put our stuff down at one of those high tables next to a TV (which was off). We came back and the only empty seat at the table had been taken by a random dude who’d turned on the TV to some sports game. We were all kinda like ‘huh?’ but sat our entire meal with him there. I’m pretty sure we discussed like sex and periods for a bit.”

JJ’s gets turnt

“One night I witnessed a guy throw up TWICE all over the floor: first near the condiment area, and second by the soda fountain. The first time he proceeded to pet his vomit as if it were a pet or something. It took three of his friends to stop him and convince him to head upstairs. As he headed back he looked at me and my friends and waved with the puke still on his hands and blew a kiss. Still confused.”

“Pretty sure I saw a girl tripping balls or maybe rolling face my freshman year. She was right behind that pillar (idk if it’s still there? haven’t been in JJ’s in a while) by the bananas and sort of leaning against it rocking back and forth with the music and literally humming along with it. I was like okay weird, maybe she’s waiting for food, but she was there 20 minutes later doing the same thing when I got another drink, and she was there again in a slightly different location when I left.”

JJ’s inspires new FB group “Columbia Callout”

“Drunk guy was flirting with me and tried to take one of my fries in a flirty manner. He knocked my entire thing of fries onto the ground and started crying out of embarrassment, forcing to me comfort this stranger for knocking over MY fries.”

“I was drunk and dancing my first time in JJ’s breakfast line and this guy in front of me who’s like 6’4 – literally almost a foot taller than me – turns around and asks, “you know what else is cool?” I’m like, please don’t whip your dick out but he reaches behind me instead, grabs a cup, and fills it with the berry slushie and ice cream and proceeds to spoon feed it to me. To this day, we make eye contact in passing and I never know if it’s because he remembers or is staring because I’m staring. To the crew boy who fed me ice cream in JJs when we were both smashed: sorry for always staring – I’m still in disbelief.”

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  1. Anonymous

    once i snuck in to jjs and thought the swipe lady was coming for me so i ran out of the emergency exit and ended up at the john jay health center???? im a barnard student not sure how it all works

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