Guide To Late Night Drunk Food

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What we all feel like after a typical Saturday night

On Columbia’s underslept campus in the city that never sleeps, late-night eats are usually the highlight of the night. But late at night when your decision-making skills are depleted and your stomach is growling, it’s hard to decide where to pick up a cheap plate of steaming greasy cheese or carbs. Here, Bwog pairs parties and food like fine wine and a cheese platter. Call us the sommelier of Frat Row.

Frat Row – JJ’s:
Keep up the school spirit and camaraderie by ducking into Columbia’s finest institution. Plus, chances are the function will be shut down by 12:53 am, giving you time to sprint over to campus before 1 if you’re from Barnard.

EC – HamDel:
Close and convenient. Make sure you buy an extra sandwich to drop off for the random senior who signed you in. And maybe another for the security guard who didn’t give you the evil eye.

1020 – Koronets:
A match made in heaven. Two MoHi classics that go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you want to take it to the next level, stay at 1020 til closing at 4 and then hop over to Absolute for hot fresh bagels.

600s/Plimpton – MoWill or Appletree:
If you’re coming from a Barnard gathering, stop by Morton Williams or Appletree on your way home. Cop some mac and cheese and ramen, and maybe pick up some eggs or yogurt for tomorrow morning.

Suite, Amity, or somewhere else on Amsterdam: 
Literally just eat the leftover noodles that have been sitting in your fridge all week. Yeah, you’re hungry, but it’s time to go home.

Please go home and eat a full meal that includes fiber and protein.

Portrait of the artist as a drunk man via Pixabay

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