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We know, we know. Rarely do any of us trek all the way down to University Place and its environs when our admittedly limited options will do just fine. However, on the occasion that you find yourself downtown and a little homesick, we present to you: NYU bars and their CU counterparts.

This is the line outside 1020, but it stands in for pretty much every place on this list… sorry, Junzi.

Lucy’s Tavern is 1020. While Lucy’s isn’t as close to its “campus” as 1020 is to ours, it is the favorite bar of NYU Local, and everyone knows how much Bwog loves 1020. Both possess pool tables, a curated music selection, and plenty of student bartenders.

The 13th Step is Mel’s. Sticky floors, loud TVs, “retro” music, high underclassmen populations, proximity to drunchies…they’ve really got it all.

Durden’s is Cannon’s. Was Cannon’s? Unfortunately, the popular MoHi spot closed in June 2016. Can’t say much more on the subject other than it was known as every sloppy freshman’s stomping ground, which sounds about right.

Pieces is Suite. According to one Bwogger, these are “two of the best gay bars in NYC.” Beautiful and talented drag queens call both establishments home and make use of their disco balls and glittery stages. Honestly, it’s impressive that we even have a gay bar here.

Smoke is Fat Cat. Ditto for having a jazz club that’s not quite in Harlem, where, you know, people actually play jazz. These are sometimes tougher on the fake IDs given the slightly older crowd and relative distance from their respective schools, but if you love jazz, blues, and really comfy booths, these are your uptown and downtown haunts.

Phebe’s is Amity Hall. Want a sports bar slightly classier than Mel’s? These are your go-tos. Overpriced food and drinks abound, but at least the levels make it interesting.

Mr. Purple is The Heights. Disclaimer: The similarities start and end at “rooftop”. Mr. Purple is an upscale club with views of both the Empire State Building and the World Trade Center, and The Heights serves shots in plastic cups when it runs out of glasses.

212 Hisae’s is Junzi Kitchen. Junzi serves such interesting combinations as Seagram’s and apple juice in equally interesting presentations, and 212 will serve you anything you want. 212 is a weeknight/pregame staple because of its perpetual happy hour but unfortunate closing time of 11 pm, and Junzi is…new. Both are inexpensive and feature an Asian fusion cuisine (212 is Japanese, Junzi is Northern Chinese).

The Immigrant is The Hamilton. Lin Manuel-Miranda might have you believe that those are the same thing, but alas, the former is a “classy wine bar” while the latter is a “classy whisky bar”. Notably, The Immigrant boasts its location in a former tenement. Raise a glass to gentrification!

Arts and Crafts Beer Parlor is Arts and Crafts Beer Parlor. The IPA mecca has two locations, conveniently placed exactly next to our two universities. The target audience here is also a bit older, cause let’s face it, it’s difficult, annoying, and expensive to get shitfaced on craft beer. You’ll find mostly seniors and/or law students here.

Honorable mentions: Amigos (RIP), Amity Hall Downtown, Lion’s Head Tavern, Josie’s 

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