What To Do If Your TA Is Shit

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I hope this isn’t your TA

Have you ever had that one TA who never shows up to office hours or recitations? Or the one who can never correctly answer your questions? Or the one who has to teach the class, but you’d probably learn more if they just didn’t? Fear not, we have some simple solutions.

  • Nap. Just nap the whole time. See this as a form of self-care. Treat yourself by getting the full 8 hours of sleep you deserve and saving yourself from having to endure your shitty TA’s teaching.
  • Try to bag that A with ass-kissing. If your TA sucks, it’s highly possible that they’ll be easily persuaded. Why not use that as an opportunity to boost your own grade?
  • Knit. Let your inner 80-year-old woman come out. The warm winter weather is starting to turn bitterly cold, so save yourself money and knit yourself a sweater or something else warm.
  • Cry. We all need a good cry once in a while. Or every time you show up to your shitty TA’s class.
  • Make Pavlov proud and classically condition at least one classmate. This needs no explanation.
  • Bring an opaque water bottle filled with booze to class and turn their shitty teaching into a drinking game. Make every class with your shitty TA a party.
  • Become a grad student and then build a time machine to go back in time and become your own TA. They say you shouldn’t mess with the past when you have a time machine, but this is a risk that you should definitely take.
  • Go to their office hours to show that you care. At the end of the day, no matter how shitty your TA is, they’re all there for one reason only: to help students. They work hard to make sure no one is having a hard time, and simply showing up to their office hours will put a smile on their face. Nothing makes TAs happier than seeing students understanding the material that they were once struggling with.

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  1. Anonymous

    This is not funny. Immediately tell your professor as well as the head of the department. This TA should be fired or relieved of teaching duties. Report bad TAs immediately.

  2. MyTAMadeMeInhale2ndHandSmoke  

    I had a TA last semester who smoked his e-cigs in class (recitation). He graded all papers (note: it was a humanities class); recitation participation counted for 20%. What should I have done???

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