JJ’s Sauces As Myers-Briggs Personality Types

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The wings that go with the sauce are probably INTJ. Just think about it.

JJ’s sauces – they make or break a JJ’s meal, don’t get the credit they deserve, and also have a lot more personality than the majority of guys I’ve met on campus. Being the avid psycho-analyzer that I am, I decided to cast the JJ’s sauces as their perfect Myers-Briggs personality representations. Here’s what I came up with.

Carolina Tangy = ESFJ. Popular, reliable, depends on established laws and traditions. Usually studies in Ref. Indoor voice is very loud, but doesn’t realize it. Everyone likes them.

Garlic Parmesan = ENTP. Sounds promising, but actually kinda annoying. Will switch it up/taste weird depending on what you put it with. Lowkey a narc.

Chipotle Mayo = ISFJ. Grossly underrated. Secretly the best, but doesn’t receive the same recognition as Carolina Tangy/ESFJ. At first seemingly quiet, but substantively good, especially when chicken is involved. Gets stuff done. Full of love.

Mango Habanero = INFP. You either love or hate them. Spread too thin most of the time. Not that great, but is often misunderstood. Personality is very niche. Possibly does drugs.

Barbecue = ESTJ. The foundation of all sauces. Brings everything together; goes well with everyone and everything.Works very hard and never procrastinates; completes all the Lit Hum reading. Represents tradition and order within the JJ’s sauce family. Kinda boring, though.

Thai Chili = ENFP. Wild, but like, in a fun way. Really great at parties. The hype man friend. Sometimes can be a little much. Actually very emotional, but internalizes these emotions.

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  1. enfp

    i’m definitely chipotle mayo

  2. Idris O'Neill  (Bwog Staff)  

    why am i literally carolina tangy

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