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Join now! Bwog is, after all, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite.

(Wide shot of a beautiful meadow. Closeups of: a rabbit twitching its nose; a butterfly landing on a flower; a bead of dew hanging from a blade of grass.)

NARRATOR V/O: Everyone has… a purpose. Something which gives their life meaning.

(Wide again on the meadow. Nearly bird’s-eye view. We see a young woman wading through the grass.)

NARRATOR V/O: Some people want…… to make art. To help their communities. To work the land. To learn as much as they can.

(As the narrator speaks, we see flashes of what she describes: a potter sculpting a bowl; a woman operating a pop-up soup kitchen; a man standing in a field of marijuana; a girl sitting at a desk reading a book entitled GERMAN MODERNISM.)

This, but not imperialist or associated with the military in any way.

(Shot of the young woman, spreading out a blanket on the grass. Shot over her shoulder as she sits cross-legged and opens up a laptop. As she speaks, a timelapse montage of various campus buildings plays.)

NARRATOR V/O: I wanted to get in touch with people. I wanted them to read my writing, what I had to say. I wanted them to know which floor of Lerner corresponded to which book in the Lithum syllabus. I wanted them to read my review of a student production of A Streetcar Named Desire where every role was gender-swapped. I wanted them to know about events happening all over Columbia. More than anything, I wanted to eat grapes crisper and fresher than the air of a New York autumn.

(Shot of the young woman facing us while typing. On the back of her computer is a blue, square sticker which reads “FUCK SPEC.”)

(Shot of the young woman facing camera. She’s smiling.)

NARRATOR: That’s why I chose Bwog.

(Screen cuts to black.)



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Recruitment via Pixabay, Uncle Sam via Wikimedia Commons.

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