What Angry Bathroom Sign You Will Write Depending On Your Personality Type

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Having gotten such a great response to our previous Myers-Briggs personality type article, we decided to take on a more universal experience of students everywhere – putting up angry signs in the dorm bathroom, when your fellow hallmates have terrible bathroom etiquette. Yes, this is what angry bathroom sign you will write depending on your personality type.

ESTP: “Stop being gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!” After yet another incident of hair all over the floor, your anger drives you to action, but you don’t really think about what concrete mandates to put on the sign beforehand.

ISFP: No bathroom sign. Instead, you intermittently complain in passing to your fellow hallmates, hoping someone else will put up a sign.

ENFJ: “Reminder to flush the toilet.” Short and to the point. Don’t want to get it too cluttered.

ESFJ: “Friendly reminder to please flush the toilet, thanks!” Like ENFJ, but a little more polite.

ISTJ: Actually lays out bathroom rules in a practical, comprehensive manner. Probably the most effective bathroom sign.

ENTJ: No bathroom sign. Instead, you find out who the exact offender is and get revenge on them.

ENFP: Let’s be real, you’re not the one posting the signs in the bathroom. You’re the one inciting them.

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