RIP Rite-Aid On 110th

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Our reaction when we heard Rite-Aid was closing down :(

Fresh off the heels of beloved restaurant Amigos, yet another MoHi familiar face is closing down soon. This time, it’s Rite-Aid on 110th – an institution that for years has provided us with well-priced prescription medicines, bars of soap, and friendly, sassy staff workers. We hope that these memories, shared by friends, students, and alums alike, will help comfort you in these grievous times of hardship.

  • @Sitting_quietly on Twitter said, “Buying a case of natty lite and running a beer mile in riverside park on a cool June evening in 2017. RIP rite aid”
  • When our Thursday daily editor went shopping there for an entire semester to get cash back, because there’s no ATM for her bank nearby and she wasn’t sure where else she could avoid fees.
  • Joe Milholland commented on Facebook, “When I played tabletop games with my friends, I’d get snacks from there.”
  • When our sports editor bought emergency pantyhose there, after realizing she hadn’t shaved her legs in advance of an interview she was wearing a skirt to
  • Soap, water, shampoo, medicine, mixers, and other goods that were always more reasonably priced than Duane Reade
  • One staff writer said, “The number of times I, a 5’2 blonde little girl that looks like she’s 15, have bought a giant Keystone Lite 30 pack or other giant packs of beer from Rite-Aid is insane. I went last weekend and they didn’t have Keystone and the guy at the register and I had a long chat about how upset we were about it closing down and the limited selection of beers everywhere else.”
  • When one staff writer popped into Rite-Aid with her best friend to buy safety pins for his makeshift Halloween toga.

  • @Producedbyme on Twitter said, “They sold Jeremy Lin apparel during linsanity. I thought that was p cool”
  • When one staff writer saw, while waiting in line, a lady started hitting her significant other with her basket and chasing him out of the store. The cashier had shouted, “Yeah, he better get out of here!”
  • @Shaneferro on Twitter said, “Shane Ferro, CC ’11, Law ’19, has spent more than 6 years in this neighborhood and has literally zero memories of Rite Aid, except for tripping on the stairs more than once.”
  • @Shaneferro on Twitter also said later, “update: i’m actually thinking of duane reade. I don’t remember anything from rite aid.”
  • One anonymous tip said: “My friend and I had to wait for our dealer for 2 hours so instead of walking the 10 minutes it takes us to get back to Barnard we hung around my fave place ever: RiteAid. Enjoy this photo series in my kingdom. Once a member, always a member. Thanks for everything xx.” The photo series is included below, for your viewing pleasure.

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