Housing Coverage 2018, Day 1

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The room that will make or break your housing plans.

Are you ready to rumble? Are you ready to tussle? Are you ready to knuckle if you buck? Are you ready for COLUMBIA HOUSING SELECTION 2018?

Well, you may not be, but Bwog sure is. We’re providing you with everything you need for a (relatively) smooth in-person housing selection experience with our annual coverage. Below, you can find a spreadsheet detailing how many rooms/suites are still available in each dorm, and a liveblog with updates on which lottery number just picked, where that group is living, and if anyone cried.

If you’re picking housing today, you’ll probably see us sitting on the couch just outside the Cage. If we shout questions at you, please respond nicely. It’s for the greater good. And besides, we’ll have prizes better than the Res Life candy.

If you’re gonna cry come talk to Bwog via Bwog Staff

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  1. Worstlotterynumberever

    How many more groups left to pick today? Relying on Bwog to help us figure out how screwed we are from 1-10 w selection time tomorrow at 10:30 am

    • Betsy Ladyzhets  (Bwog Staff)

      Today’s housing selection actually closed out pretty soon after you commented (the last group of the day picked at about 4:40 pm). Our final counts on remaining suites in all dorms, all verified with Res Life’s official numbers, can be found on the doc embedded in this post. Depending on your group size, you might not be too screwed; there are still 17 EC highrise suites, almost all larger Ruggles suites, and quite a few medium- and low-demand Woodbridge suites remaining. Also, keep an eye out for a Bwog post later tonight on Surprise Dark Horse The 627 W 115th Street Brownstone.

  2. curiousrisingjunior  

    What was the last number/point value that picked today? Just so that we can gauge about how many groups pick per day.

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