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Yawn, Lion, Yawn


Listen, we here at are as wiped out as you. We get it. Bacchanal was yesterday (give us your stories!), and it’s still coursing through our veins (…metaphorically). But the #GrindDontStop, so we’re inviting you to join us for our Open Meeting tonight. I can’t promise that we’ll be energetic, or even very interesting, but I can promise good food, pretty good company, and mediocre lighting (courtesy of Lerner Hall).

The Who: Bwog… and YOU
The What: Open Meeting
The When: 9:00 pm tonight
The Where: Lerner 510
The Why: Pitch to us! Give us your unique (or not) perspective!

See you there! Until then, please take a nap.

Sleeping Lion via Public Domain Pictures.

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