Housing Coverage 2018, Day 6

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“We’re at Columbia, I’d live in a fucking closet if I had to.”

The last day of in-person selection of housing has finally come. If you are one of the unfortunate souls that has no choice but to pick today, it is finally your time to select into your housing for next year. Bwog isn’t going to sugar coat it: your lottery number sucks. You are probably a rising sophomore, or just someone that just got played by the system. Just remember: just because your lottery number sucks, and even though you are a rising sophomore, you do not suck. Many people have been in the same place you have, and there will be countless others behind you. Whatever you pick into, just know that Bwog is rooting for you, and hoping for a smooth transition into new housing for next year.

We will be in John Jay to cover every second of today’s housing selection. Feel free to say hi, message us on our live blog or through tips, and even take a sticker (if we like you). Come find us: we’ll probably be the people playing music loudly and having a good time.


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