STEM Classes To Take Before You Die: Fall 2018 Edition

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mathematics hall, one of the many lovely buildings you might have a class in if you take one of our suggested courses!

We heard your requests! Bwog is back with Classes to Take Before You Die – specially for STEM students! Here are Bwog’s recommendations for STEM courses for the following semester, compiled from our, and our readers’, experiences, as well as CULPA.

Astronomy: Joseph Patterson, Theories of the Universe: Babylon to Big-Bang (UN1610)

“You get both a fascinating tour of the history of human understanding of the Universe, and fascinating insights into applying the science that was learned and developed along the way. It’s a great balance between the history of science and the application of science. And the professor loves teaching, he loves learning, and he’s relaxed, cool, and funny.” (No pre-reqs!)

Biological Sciences: Deborah Mowshowitz, Introductory Biology I (UN2005)

“OK, at times, it might feel like this is actually the last class that you will take before you die. Still, by the time you’ve completed the course, you’ll realize how much biology you really learned as well as how well it’ll stick with you, the way that the class was taught. Definitely one of the most memorable classes I’ve taken at Columbia.” (General Chemistry pre-req recommended)

Biological Sciences: Jonathan Snow, Cell Biology (BC3310)

“Cell Bio with Snow is the only 8:40 I have ever taken/would ever take. Prof. Snow is incredibly engaging; he explains difficult concepts/complex pathways so that they’re understandable, he comes up with metaphors that he brings back throughout the semester to connect concepts, he forces you to actually read and engage with current scientific papers, etc.  Beyond that, he really loves teaching and is always there for his students!! If someone needs to go over something, he’s always willing to talk after class, extend office hours, and hold an extra review session. What a dude.” (Pre-req of a previous BC biology course – see course directory for details)

Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology: Jill Shapiro, Human Origins & Evolution (UN1010)

“Every lecture was exciting – if you want a lecture where you aren’t going to fall asleep, take the class, even if you’re not interested in the subject. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Dr. Shapiro takes the time to learn each student’s name and actually teach the material really well.” (No pre-reqs!)

Computer Science: Adam Cannon, Computing in Context (W1002)

“Probably the best class I’ve taken at Columbia so far. Definitely not the easiest way to fulfill your science requirement for the Core, but I’d guess probably one of the most fulfilling/meaningful options available, especially if you’re someone who has little to no experience programming (as was the case for me).” (No pre-reqs!)

Computer Science: Timothy Paine, Essential Data Structures (W3136)

“It’s essentially Data Structures and Advanced Programming mashed into one course for non majors who don’t need to know as much of the “details” behind CS (eg math, stats) but want to take advanced level CS classes. It was great I learned so much. Probably also the proudest moment at Columbia was getting a good grade in that class because you like have to earn it.” (Pre-req of 1 previous CS course)

Mathematics: Robert Friedman, Intro to Modern Algebra I (GU4041)

“Many men, mere mortals, have wondered whether Robert Friedman is human, divine, or something else, something more. While we may never know, it hardly matters. Do not, I repeat, do not, miss the opportunity to let this man’s radiant brilliance shine forth upon you.”
“You will realize pure math is beautiful.” (Pre-req of MATH UN1102, 1202, 2010)

 Psychology: Geraldine Downey, Children At Risk (UN3615)

“It’s a dope class that combines developmental psychology, sociology, neuroscience, and public policy. Lots of fascinating guest lecturers and super project-based. Highly recommend if you want to learn about and engage with all the factors affecting the mental health of children.” (Pre-req of a previous psychology class besides UN1001)

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