An Ode To My Hot Professor

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You can teach me anything you want

While this anonymous staffer previously wrote about her torrid love affair with her TA, its time to give some attention to the big daddy in charge: the hot professor. 

As the semester comes to a close, my heart increasingly longs for my T/R lectures. With three days to the exam that I am not prepared for, I find myself solemnly resenting the classes I spent online shopping instead of listening to you spout out historical facts as the fluorescent lights of Hamilton reflect off of your cheekbones.

This post is not to purely point out your expertly crafted bones structure that accompanies your doctorate but is intended to thank you for keeping me awake and engaged during my senior year. Did I google all my professors before I took a class this semester? Of course, I’m a senior. You, however, exceeded my expectations. While I thought I would dread waking up for a midday class that interfered with my spin class, I have come to adore looking up at your powerpoints and listening to your melodic voice as your eyes deepen whilst talking about a deathly war.

Since I have four days left to my collegiate career, I have no other choice but to say goodbye to you. Thank you for entertaining a second-semester senior and allowing her to stare deep into your eyes from the second to last row. It has truly been a semester to remember, and I’ll always associate coup d’etats with your firm hands.

As you welcome a new lecture class next September, I’ll be sitting on my couch reminiscing about the times we shared; just you, me, and the 80 other students in the class.

You deserve that RateMyProfessor chili pepper.


Your humble student.

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