Got My Phone, Wallet And…Where’s My ID?

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I guess you’re going to be spending a lot of time at the Diana Center or something.

In the frantic rush to study for all your finals, write three 10-page papers you’ve been putting off all semester, and try not to drown from all the stress, something’s got to give and your ID is the easiest thing to lose in the shuffle. But after the fourth or fifth time in a row giving a bored Public Safety officer your UNI, you might want to try figuring something out. In order to spare you $20 and the trip to Hartley, Bwog compiled a list of places you might want to check first.

  • Under your bed, next to the key you haven’t used since September
  • Butler, after you broke down and went there for the first time this semester
  • The entrance of JJ’s/John Jay/Ferris
  • EC, because you got so drunk trying to forget your finals, you forgot your stuff as well
  • Wein Lounge, somehow?
  • Hanging off the back of the Wind Ensemble’s bass drum
  • At a bar where you said you “lost” your state ID and tried to use your student ID to prove that you were 21
  • The pocket of whatever pants you were just wearing
  • On the lawns somewhere. It doesn’t matter though; you’re still outside anyway trying to sunbathe away the Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Next to the socks, that one library book and your really cute sweater that have gone missing since winter break
  • Still at Public Safety, because you bought a new one five minutes before they emailed you about it
  • In the hollow remains of Amigos/Rite-Aid/M2M/[insert your favorite here]
  • In your wallet, but you didn’t find it until you already got the lockout key
  • On the ground in Riverside Park, being chewed by a curious puppy or small child
  • In your hookup’s room after your attempts to de-stress(if you don’t know how to ask for it back, we have some advice there too)
  • In a friend’s wallet, so you won’t be able to lose it anymore

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