Open Meeting Announcement: Variations On A Grecian Theme

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This Open Meeting Announcement brought to you by the Core Curriculum

In honor of Bwog’s first open meeting tonight, at 9:00 pm in Lerner 510, here are two recent translations of ancient Greek poetry. Come tonight for a good time!

Sing, Bwogdess, the Open Meeting of Bwog
and its location, which gave grapes thousandfold upon the Columbians,
hurled in their multitudes to Lerner 510 strong souls
of freshmen, but gave their pitches to be the delicate feasting
of editors, of all staff writers, and the will of Bwog was accomplished
since 9:00 pm when first there stood in division of campus news
Bwog the lord of publications and brilliant Bwog.

Deathless Bwog of the spangled website,
child of Bwog, who twists grapes, I beg you
do not break with bad pitches,
O Bwog, my open meeting

but come to Lerner 510 if ever before
you caught my voice far off
and listening left your dorm
room and came,

tying your shoelaces. And recruitment flyers brought you,
quick posters over the whole campus
promises of food and friendship down the sky
at 9:00 pm—

you arrived. But you, O blessed Bwog,
smiled in your deathless face
and asked what (now again) I am pitching and why
(now again) I am calling out

and what I want to pitch most of all
in my crazy heart. Whom should I persuade (now again)
to read about anything Columbia-related? Who, O
Bwog, is wronging you?

For if she rushes, soon she will be writing.
If she refuses grapes, rather will she eat them.
If she does not join, soon she will join
even unwilling.

Come to Bwog now: loose me from hard
care and all my heart longs
to accomplish, accomplish. You
be my writer.

Vase via Wikimedia Commons.

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