Field Notes: The Mess Commences Edition

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Welcome back to the mess, Columbia! Here’s what everyone was up to during the first full weekend of the school year. 

Food stories

  • Snuck food out of JJs by putting a burger in my purse
  • Broke the news to a visitor that Vine had closed
  • Spent the afternoon making an absolutely delicious tomato sauce to bring to a potluck, then was sad because there weren’t any leftovers
  • Went to a Tehran-themed disco event and then got Persian food in Union Square
  • Cut and froze seven bananas entirely stolen from JJs
  • Enjoyed multiple cups of hot cocoa in the cold weather…!! Fall is here
  • Tried halal for the first time!
  • Went to Brighton Beach to buy Russian cake and surprise my friend for his birthday
  • Ended up at the flame diner near Times Square at 2 am and tried a chocolate egg cream for the first time
  • Wholesome brunch with friends from high school

Sleep is important

  • Couldn’t stay out and get lit because my bedtime is now 10 pm
  • Caught up on sleep (we’ll see how long this feeling lasts)
  • Slept with my comforter for the first time since moving in. I finally didn’t have to just lay there naked with no blankets because it was so hot

Emotional times

  • Researched SAD lamps
  • Teared up writing an emotional email to my residents bc I’m that bitch
  • Ironed out some miscommunications with a friend/old hookup
  • Watched two friends make a scene in Mel’s and dramatically storm out
  • Cried for an hour in my aunt’s car which was parked in the middle of campus

We’re finally settled in for the year

  • Transported my 3 cu ft fridge from Wien to John Jay in possibly the most circuitous and inaccessible way due to the fucking Hamilton construction
  • Finally began decorating my room
  • Became a CULR staff writer!

Bwog does not condone underage drinking or the use of illegal substances

  • Bought my first bong! She’s pink. Shoutout to Village Grannies
  • Did a video interview drunk
  • Drank fancy AF red wine out of a teacup, got high and watched the Power Rangers in Queens
  • Went to a friends suite for a pregame that became the entire game

People having fun

  • Went to a friend’s birthday party and took pictures in front of their mushroom wall with my mushroom pants!
  • Went to a party at a very nice apartment in Park Slope that has five (5) pets, tons of old video games, and a meme pillow
  • Called a Lyft for my girlfriend because she left her shoes on a roof and had to go home barefoot

What do these mean

  • Turned the subway car into a jungle gym
  • Went to a total of 10+ hours of club refuel

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