Bwoglines: Yoga Balls And Inclusive Frats Edition

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This is in Dodge, not Hong Kong

Happening in the World: A jury in Hong Kong yesterday found Dr. Khaw Kim-sun, an anesthesiology professor, guilty of murdering his wife and daughter with a hot yoga ball filled with carbon monoxide. He faces life in prison. (New York Times)

Happening in the US: Trump gave a speech on the White House lawns Wednesday about Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. He said he finds it “hard to imagine that anything happened” and Kavanaugh was “not a man that deserves this,” which surprised no one. (NY Daily News)

Happening in NYC: LaGuardia airport was ranked last of 24 large airports in the US in a customer satisfaction survey. Again, no one is surprised, just disappointed. (Newsday)

Happening on campus: “Menstrual Health and Gender Justice” is happening at 5:30 in IAB 707. Several experts on menstrual health, ranging from research scientists to experts on gender studies, will come together on a panel to discuss how the rise in awareness of menstrual health issues can be transformed into evidence-based policy making and long-term change.

Overheard: Frat brother unsolicitedly announces that he is a member of a fraternity but not to worry, “it’s an inclusive frat.”

Place to nap today: The long couches on the bottom floor of Law are an ideal place to stretch out for a caffeine nap after getting an energy drink from Law’s stacked vending machines.

let’s hope the dodge yoga balls are fine via Cameron Davis

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  1. you know who it is bwog

    I’m the first openly trans brother of my frat internationally. I’m in a CU frat that is an inclusive frat. Name one sorority at Columbia with a trans woman. Name other fraternities with trans brothers right now. We are a bit messy at times but we put our money where our mouths are.

  2. You hack

    You are either a knave who is deliberately misquoting Trump to advance some untrue and illogical narrative, or you are a moron.

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