Cooking With Bwog, John Jay And Ferris Edition: Hummus Deviled Eggs

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A spicy, healthy snack that’ll help you get A’s on all your midterms!! Wow!

Midterms season is upon us. In fact, you have a midterm tomorrow, and you just can’t spare the study time to leave your dorm for a dining hall trip, but you’re starving. All you need is an afternoon snack! Wait! You remember the John Jay and Ferris take-out boxes full of random ingredients in your mini-fridge. Too many hard-boiled eggs, some hummus… you’re good to go! Follow our recipe below for the perfect midterm snack–made entirely out of food gathered from John Jay and Ferris!

Disclaimer: Make sure you grab your ingredients with a meal swipe–John Jay and Ferris both offer take-out boxes for you to bring back to your dorm.

This week: Hummus Deviled Eggs

Appliances: just a bowl, really


  • 5 John Jay boiled eggs
  • a splash of Tabasco
  • pinches of salt & pepper
  • a squirt of lime juice
  • a quarter or so of a take-out coffee cup of hummus
  • a spoonful of spicy brown mustard
  • srirachaaa


  1. Cut your boiled eggs in half the long way. If they’ve frozen solid in your aggressively efficient Columbia-endorsed Microfridge (as were mine and my roommate Paolina’s), rinse them under hot water to get rid of any ice before cutting.
  2. Scoop the egg yolks into a bowl!
  3. Add two hefty scoops of hummus, a squirt of lime juice, a splash of Tabasco, a good spoonful of spicy brown mustard, and salt and pepper to taste.
  4. Mash that egg yolk/hummus/spice mixture around. Keep mashing. Mmmm.
  5. Scoop the mashed mix into the void of each boiled egg white half.
  6. Dip a fork into the sriracha and drip it onto the eggs, so it looks really nice and artistic (and also not dissimilar to a murder scene… good snack for a Halloween party?).
  7. Enjoy your spicy, satisfying, and healthy midterm snack!

Sophomore Amber Zhou walked into the Wallach sixth floor lounge just in time to test our end product. Turns out she’s never eaten a deviled egg before. She “finds the concept of mixing the yolks kinda weird.” If you’re in the same boat as Amber, she explains, “It’s like potato salad in an egg with hot sauce. Or potato salad without the potatoes and celery. I’m actually pleasantly surprised.”

Toby, from Wallach’s fourth floor, gave our eggs a shot as well! He, too, “has never really had deviled eggs.” After popping the snack into his mouth, he gave a pensive look and a prolonged “hmmm.” After a moment of thorough contemplation, Toby had a lot to say: “I love a hard boiled egg, but I usually hate the yolk, so this is a great way to just make it all good. And I love hummus, so great texture. The perfect amount of spice.” He concluded with true wisdom: “Citrus is crucial to every culinary endeavor.”

Our third reviewer asked to be anonymous. “The thing is,” they told Paolina and I, “I don’t like deviled eggs.” After nibbling on a just a piece of the egg, they gave a slow nod and raised their eyebrows. “This is pretty good,” they said, although somewhat unconvincingly. After another nibble: “It’s growing on me.”

My co-chef Paolina and I seem to have been the only true, experienced deviled egg connoisseurs in the room, and we both really enjoyed the outcome! Although, yes, we’re biased. If you’re a deviled egg fan (or would like to try them out), give our recipe a shot, let Bwog know what you think, and stay tuned for more Food You Can Make With Ingredients From John Jay And Ferris!


Images via Paolina Gonzales

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