Bwoglines: The Worst Parade Ever Edition

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Hurricane from space… holy shit

Happening in the world: Over the weekend, a giant sinkhole opened up in the town of Dazhou, Sichuan, China, killing four people. This is literally my worst fear.

Happening in the US: Hurricane Michael is currently building off the coast of Florida. Emergency evacuation declarations have been made in more than 100 counties. Florida friends and family, stay safe!

Happening in NYC: The Columbus Day Parade was yesterday, but apparently it was a bleak affair. Barely anyone showed up. One onlooker even said, “If I had to list it, it’d be the worst parade I’ve ever attended.” Sucks for you, Christopher Columbus!

Happening on campus: Today is the last day to drop a class! It’s the last day you can give up without any consequences. I wish every day were like this.

Sanity Suggestion: Feeling overwhelmed by work right now? Take a break by baking something delicious. It will take your mind off things and you’ll be rewarded with fresh baked deliciousness. Check out Cooking With Bwog for some ideas to get started!

Crazy space weather pic courtesy of NASA

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