Signing Out: Literally And Figuratively

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Requiring Barnard dorm residents to sign out their guests but not asking the same of other students of other colleges has been a source of great annoyance and awkwardness for many. For now, Bwoggers have found a way to deal with difficulties that have arisen by sharing and basking in our shared experiences.

  • Finally convinced the person I was seeing to talk after two months of her blowing me off. We had to meet in her suite, where she finally dumped me and I got to yell at her for being shitty and then we rode 8 floors back down to sign out making awkward small-talk.
  • Had a disagreement during a “define the relationship” talk with a partner and had to endure the painfully awkward elevator ride down to sign her out. The guard at the front desk couldn’t find her ID at first so we had to stand there awkwardly for even longer.
  • Signed in 2 of my male friends for some wholesome friendship time at 2 AM and felt high-key judged. We were just going upstairs to get snacks.
  • Didn’t feel like putting on real clothes when signing out someone out after they stayed the night so I went downstairs in pajamas and was greeted by a group of parents in the lobby. Oops.
  • One time I was trying to leave a building while I was absolutely sh*tfaced (shocker) and the guard just looks at me for (what felt like) fifteen seconds before just slowly whispering “man, you are *f*cked* *up*.”

If any Barnard guards are reading this: if you feel awkward, trust us, we do too.

Photo via Barnard Res Life

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