Bwoglines: The Penultimate Peril Edition

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The Penultimate Peril is an A+ Lemony Snicket book but also an apt description of the second-to-last day of classes

Happening in the World: According to new satellite images, North Korea has upgraded its long range nuclear missile bases recently. This comes after months of negotiations between the United States and North Korea about denuclearization and indicate the work left to be done. (CNN)

Happening in the US: Former President George H. W. Bush’s funeral was yesterday, and the federal government observed a National Day of Rememberance. George W. Bush eulogized him, and Donald and Melania Trump, Barack and Michelle Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, and Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter were all in attendance. Trump and Obama also had their first interaction since Trump’s inauguration. (New York Times)

Happening in NYC: A new poll indicates that 57% of New Yorkers are supportive of Amazon’s plans to open a satellite headquarters in Long Island City, and only 26% said they disapprove. However, there’s more disagreement over whether the city should have offered such a big tax break to Amazon, with 46% approving and 44% disapproving. (New York Daily News)

Happening on Campus: Robocon is zazen: Psychology & Buddhism in Mori Masahiro’s Robotics,” at 6 pm in Kent 403. Guest lecturer: Professors from Johns Hopkins will discuss Mori Masahiro’s contributions to the robotics field and their connections to Buddhism and cognitive science. (Columbia Events)

Place to nap today: It’s a trek from the Morningside campus, but a Bwog comment last week suggested napping in the Lenfest Center for the Arts. We’ll take their word for it.

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