Field Notes: A Weekend Of (Pleasant) Surprises
Looks good from any distance

She looks good from any distance

The weather this weekend was in more of a late August-fashion than that of late September. And how did we choose to bask in the unexpected warmth and sunshine? Whatever weather the first weekend of October brings, we always want to know where you’ve been over the weekend at 

Activities in the Manhattan home base:

  • Surprise run-ins: “Saw a friend at an NYU dinner party I hadn’t been in touch with since last year. We caught up on a drunken Odyssey back to the one, stopping at a sex shop she had always meant to visit and a waffle truck I had aways meant to try. A night of fulfilled promise.”
  • Surprise, we have a class together: “I met a guy at 1020 who’s in the same compsci class as I am and he gave me some tips for the homework.” 
  • Unexpected extended comfort: “Treated myself and went to see a movie with some friends at the 84th AMC theater. My butt is still thanking me for sitting in those heavenly red chairs.”
  • Surprise guest appearances: “Went to Global Citizen Festival, Jay-Z brought out Beyonce, and her hardcore dance moves caused her shirt to bust open at one point. It was the most fortunate wardrobe malfunction ever, and one she naturally masked with grace.”
  • Surprisingly sobriety doesn’t enhance skill: “I had drunk heart-to-hearts in foreign languages on the fire escape of Watt last night…I find that I can speak much more fluently when I’m not sober.”
  • Surprise run-ins, continued: “I got limearitas at M2M and ran into the entire ISO.”
WBacchanal Round Up
Rockin' out in Barnard blue

Rockin’ out in Barnard blue

On Saturday night, Barnard’s WBAR Radio took over Lehman Lawn to host its inaugural Fall Kickoff Concert, nicknamed “WBacchanal.” Paris Parker-Loan reports on how Clement Gelly, Mannequin Pussy and Clean Girls filled the Barnard air with alt/punk vibes. 

WBAR, the independent freeform college radio station run by Barnard and Columbia students, kicked off its 21st school year of broadcasting on Saturday with the Fall Kickoff Concert “WBacchanal” – its first Lehman Lawn show since 2007, and the first WBAR event of the 2014-2015 season.

CC sophomore and WBAR DJ Clement Gelly opened the show with a set of sample-heavy ambient hip hop tracks from his seven-song EP Salvatore’s Paradise, released in April. Gelly was added to the bill after WBAR reached out to its DJs and Facebook followers to solicit a student act to play the show.

Expertly produced, his music samples everything from electronic beats and laugh tracks to classical piano pieces and a folky guitar cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Chelsea Hotel #2″. It’s an eclectic mix, but Gelly stitches the samples together to create dynamic progressions within the songs. He moved from track to track seamlessly, performing a nonstop set that suited the intimate setting and allowed the audience to relax on the lawn and appreciate his craft.

More good vibrations after the jump!

Weekend Sports Wrap: We Own New York
Soccer is a beautiful sport

Coleen Rizzo going for the goal

This past weekend saw a sweet line of Lion victories in a variety of sports, but especially in continuing Women’s Soccer’s undefeated streak. Bwog sports editor Ross Chapman sums up this sporty weekend for Columbia, where we established supremacy as the better Ivy League school that is in New York, beings with a C, and whose school color is a primary color. Down with Cornell! 

The Lions of Columbia went 4-1 this week against a pair of rivals in New York state competition, with both Soccer teams handing it to Fordham while Volleyball and Women’s Soccer took wins from our in-state Ivy foe Cornell. Field Hockey dropped an overtime decision to the Big Red, but came back the next day and tied a few school records with an 8-1 rout of the Georgetown Hoyas.

Women’s Soccer might be leading the charge for Columbia’s fall sports. The Lions (5-1-3) haven’t lost a match in seven straight appearances, and goalkeeper Grace Redmon and the defense just until this weekend had a 393 minute streak without allowing a goal. Coleen Rizzo (pictured) and Madeline Linde supplied the three goals for the Lions in their 1-0 and 2-1 victories. Men’s Soccer (3-3) split two games on the weekend, falling in New Rochelle to Iona after claiming a 2-0 win over the Fordham Rams. Nicholas Pappacena and Rhys Williams combined for a goal just a minute into the second half against our Bronx rivals, and Arthur Bosua gave CU some insurance in the 82nd minute with a goal of his own.

In non-soccer, still New York action, Volleyball (5-5) gave away hundreds of t-shirts and took a conference win against the Big Red from upstate, winning three sets after dropping the first. The team’s 14 blocks for points at the net, led by Katarina Jovicic’s nine, complemented Charlee Dyroff’s 17 digs and held Cornell to a tiny .062 hitting percentage on the match. Jovicic and Bailey Springer each put up 10 kills on the offensive side, and sophomore Kesi Neblett tallied another eight kills to back up the two juniors. The Field Hockey squad (5-3) won one and lost one this weekend. Following a tense 2-1 overtime loss to Cornell, the Lions came out with a chip on their collective shoulder and gave Georgetown a Germany-Brazil level beatdown, scoring eight to tie a program record. Kyle Marsh, Katie Ruesterholz, and Zoe Blake each had two goals on a combined 10 shots on goal. The offense was so dominant that goalkeeper Kimberly Pianucci saw zero shots on goal in her whole 35 minutes in the net.

Upcoming events and news for Golf, Cross Country, and Softball after the break

CCSC Has Fun With By-Law Revisions And The Ivy League

The undefined direction of the arrow is supposed to be symbolic

CCSC met for the first time in full last night and the wrap-up is brought to you by our cardinal CCSC correspondent, Joe Milholland. 

Sunday night’s Columbia College Student Council meeting was the first with the Class of 2018 and the Sandwich Ambassador, so President Peter Bailinson asked all members to introduce themselves and say what they had for dinner (University Senator Jared Odessky had a Coke Zero, Class of 2015 President Kareem Carryl had a single fry, Sandwich Ambassador Joshua Burton had stir fry).
After some updates (see below), Class of 2016 Representative Richin Kabra gave a presentation on the Ivy Council, which is an organization that coordinates policy and organizes events around the Ivy Leauge. Kabra has been looking for a head delegate from Columbia for the Ivy Council and brought two applicants, one from CC and one from SEAS, to the attention of the council who have attended Ivy Council events in the past and had good applications. The council discussed their options for a while and decided they would appoint two co-head delegates, one from CC and one from SEAS. They will officially vote on who will be the head delegates online this week.

CCSC in bullets after the jump!

PSA: Free Food On Sundial!

Baker’s dozen

Seen the ads around for the free Switchfoot concert this Thursday night at Roone? If you’ve already got your ticket for the show, PULSE New York will be handing out free Krispy Kreme donuts on the Sundial from 1 – 4 this afternoon for lucky ticket holders!

You can get your hands on a free ticket at Lerner’s TIC on the second floor by flashing your CUID. Free stuff with free rewards?! We can dig.

For more information on the concert, see the Facebook event — because who doesn’t want Switchfoot to actually “dare you to move”?

Fresh outta the oven via Shutterstock

Bwoglines: Capital Cities Edition
Fifty nifty United States

Fifty nifty United States

Sacramento does Field Notes. (Sactown Magazine)

Fight for Nashville‘s right to preserve its country music halls! (NY Times)

An extension of the documentary Bully in Helena. (KXLH Helena News)

Seems that we missed the ultimate Bible Belt weekend in Tallahassee. (Tallahassee Democrat)


Geography lesson via Shutterstock

Fire On 113th And Riverside

We have received multiple reports of a fire on 113th and Riverside. Though the fire does not seem to be visible from the outside of the building, tipsters report the smell of smoke, multiple firetrucks with hoses out, and paramedics defibrillating a possible injury. If you’re in the area, stay safe.

Update, 12:57 am: The fire took place on the 11th floor of a building on Riverside, and is now under control. One person was seriously injured in the fire, and has been sent to Harlem Hospital.

Please send any information you have to

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 8.23.57 PM

Two G’s Coffee Shop
What Craftsmanship

What craftsmanship

It’s a safe assumption that 80% of the Columbia student body would turn into horrible rage-monsters without a morning cup of coffee. Hey, as one of the country’s most stressful schools, we reserve the right to take our caffeine very seriously. So when we got wind of a student-run coffee shop operating out of EC1808, we practically ran to check it out. Caffeinated Queens Claire Friedman and Anna Hotter got the scoop on “Two G’s Coffee.”

Standing outside of EC1808, we had a minor panic attack. The door was slightly ajar and, as our friend pointed out, there were “breakfast noises” coming from inside. “Is this weird?” We asked each other. “Do we just… walk in…?” Unless you’re the Wien shitter, there really aren’t many legitimate reasons to nonchalantly enter a stranger’s dorm room before 9:30 am. We poked our heads in Scooby-Doo style.

“We heard there was a… coffee shop… here?” We said, realizing how crazy we would sound if we had the wrong suite number. Two guys and a girl eating cereal looked up to greet us. Lucky for everyone involved, we were in the right place.

The mythical EC18 coffee shop, “Two G’s Coffee,” is run by roommates Max Gorelick (CC’15) and Adam Gayoso (SEAS’15). The two have been in business since the start of the school year, bringing sweet, sweet caffeine to the CU masses. And, as if this wasn’t a noble enough quest, the Gs donate all their proceeds to Camp Kesem. All prices are suggested donations.

After the initial shock of essentially crashing someone’s breakfast, we noticed the impressive spread of coffee paraphernalia taking over the suite; one wall was decorated with a giant “Espresso” banner and at least 15 empty coffee bags. Traditional coffee shop it is not, but the boys still know how to decorate.

Remembering our mission, we asked to see a menu (included in the gallery below; now you, too, can live like a Bwogger!). Though the urge to ask for salted nutella on everything was strong, we ended up ordering a Chai and a Latte. The Two G’s operate out of a mid-sized EC kitchen with a meticulously-kept espresso machine; the shining monstrosity takes up the entirety of a counter like a shrine to the great and terrible power of caffeine. We took a seat next to cereal-girl and waited for our drinks.

More frothy milk action after the jump!

Bucket List: World Trade and Roger Stone

Bucket List represents the intellectual privilege we enjoy as Columbia students. We do our very best to bring to your attention important guest lecturers and special events on campus. Our recommendations for this week are below and the full list is after the jump. If you notice any events that have been left off the list, or a correction, please leave them in the comments.


  • “Challenges Facing the World Trade System” Tuesday, IAB 1501, 8:45-5:30 PM. Conference.
  • “Author Event – Nixon’s Secrets by Roger Stone” Columbia University Bookstore, 6:00-7:30 PM. Roger Stone.

Monday, September 29

  • “South Asia Institute: The Army and Democracy in Pakistan” 208 Knox Hall, 4:00-5:30 PM. Aqil Shah.
  • “Sexes, Genders, and Brains: Four Scientists, Four Perspectives” Diana Center Event Oval, 6:30 PM. Natalie Angier, Art Arnold, Daphne Joel, Rebecca Jordan-Young, Rae Silver.

Tuesday, September 30

  • “Challenges Facing the World Trade System” IAB 1501, 8:45-5:30 PM. Conference.
  • “Earth Institute Practicum; Science-based Solutions for Sustainability: Sustainable Urban Development” UTS 207, 4:10-6:00 PM. Elliot Sclar.
  • “All-Class Lecture: The New Global Journalism” Pulitzer Hall World Room, 6:00-7:30 PM. Ahmed Al Omran, Burcu Baykurt, Jessie Graham, Kelly Golnoush Niknejad, Sheila Corone.

Everything else

Bwog Meeting Tonight
the leaf is a euphemism

Keep an eye out for the Butlerbator

Take a break from trying to avoid the Butlerbator and come hang out with us!

We’ll be meeting tonight at 7PM in the SGO on the 5th floor of Lerner Hall. As always, there will be food, friends, and fun!!!

Leafy lurker via Shutterstock.

Anchor Splash 2K14
no flex zone!

The Reigning Champions

Interested in getting wet and wild with some frat boys? (#college) Listen up.

Tonight, Sunday Sep. 28th. 9:30PM–11:30PM. Uris Pool in Dodge. $5 admission.

Here’s a description from the Facebook event:

Come many, come all to Delta Gamma at Columbia University’s third annual ANCHOR SPLASH.

Watch as the gentlemen of your favorite fraternities duke it out for the title of Anchor Splash Champions. Witness our first ever CANNONBALL COMPETITION. Be there to see who will dominate the SWIM RACES. And get your cameras ready for the ever hilarious DANCE COMPETITION.

Thursday September 25 – Saturday September 27, 2:00-6:00PM: COIN WARS on Lerner Ramps… Add coins to your favorite team’s jars to give them points, add cash to their opponents to take away points!

Sunday September 28 – The Main Event!
Admissions = $5 at the door.
Sponsored by Insomnia Cookies, Mel’s Burger Bar, Joe Coffee, Toast, Dig Inn, and more.

All of the proceeds will benefit Service for Sight!! So, let’s get together, have some fun, and DO GOOD.

Photo courtesy of Anchor Splash 2K14 Facebook event.

Bwoglines: The World Is Ending Edition
TW: Asteroids

Actual live photo evidence of the world ending

A record-breaking number of earthquakes are terrorizing Mammoth Lakes, California. (LA Times)

Kim K was the victim of another red carpet prank at Paris Fashion Week. (NY Daily News)

Enterovirus D68 is making headlines again after nine Colorado kids develop paralysis. (CBS News)

Beyoncé’s 2015 calendar is now available for purchase. Guess Bey wasn’t satisfied with her first billion? (MTV News)

Looks like the world of dating apps just got a whole lot creepier. A new app called Cuddlr provides its users with a “location-based social-meeting app for cuddling.” (

Earth ending via Shutterstock

LectureHop: Kicking Off Romare Bearden’s “A Black Odyssey”


Romare Bearden

Just in case you slept through the NSOP LitHum lecture, you’re in SEAS, or you’re not a freshman, Hannah Kramer went on her own odyssey to learn more about Romare Bearden’s exhibition, “A Black Odyssey,” by reporting on the first of his lectures, “The Sirens Song: Women and Gender in Bearden and Homer

If you haven’t heard already, prepare yourself: Columbia is hosting an exhibition of Romare Bearden’s “A Black Odyssey” starting in November, and it’s gonna be a big deal. It’s gonna be a big deal not only because Romare Bearden’s pieces are amazing, vibrant collages in an exhibit curated by the Smithsonian, but also because there are going to be poetry readings, lectures, plays, and all sorts of events all year surrounding the issues and themes that Bearden used in his work. Bearden translates Homer’s texts into a visual language, using the story of Odysseus to depict the journeys of African-Americans and weaving African culture into the poems that serve as a foundation for Western culture.

The first of these discussions, “The Sirens’ Song: Women and Gender in Bearden and Homer” started the series off on Friday afternoon. Inside Buell Hall, while observers watched on from stylish but child-sized seats, five professors from Columbia, Barnard, and Princeton served as panelists in discussing their own interpretations of Bearden’s work and his transformation of Homer’s epics to suit his life and work as an African-American in Harlem. For those of you who couldn’t fit in those ridiculously small chairs, here’s a summary of what you missed:

Professor Marcellus Blount, who teaches English and Comparative Literature here at Columbia, started the lecture by asking a question: “What does this dead white man think about race and gender?” He went on to discuss feminism in The Odyssey, particularly focusing on Penelope’s role as a leader in Ithaka while Odysseus is away, noting that the peace she created came from unity and coexistence, unlike Odysseus’s violent reassertion of his own power. He then noted that his “quarrel” with the Lit Hum texts has to do with the “convention of reading through the lens of Western exceptionalism,” suggesting a new reading that is more culturally diverse and with a broader lens.

Princeton professor of Art and Archeology Rachael DeLue addressed questions of why Bearden made his pieces, and looked into his methods and their effects on the meaning of the piece. She noted the use of collage as a method that created a “rustling, fragmented world of pattern,” and discussed the insistent appearance of Bearden’s silhouettes and the striking effect they have in making his figures stand out. She spoke in particular about the piece “Return of Odysseus: Homage to Pinturicchio and Benin”, showing Pinturicchio’s (an Italian Renaissance painter) painting of Odysseus’ return, and how Bearden transposed it not only into collage, but also into African culture.

Continue reading about gender and race in the Odyssey after the jump

Columbia’s Life of Pi(e)

After receiving an intriguing tip, Bwog sent pie-enthusiast Tatini Mal-Sarkar (and a few pie-lovin’ companions) on a mission to find out about Columbia’s newest delivery service.

Delivery in New York is rarely disappointing, at the very least with variety if not quality. But until now, one particular corner of the market has not been addressed: pies. We recently received a tip for Mama Pies, a newly instituted (as of this year) pie delivery service from the hours of 8pm to 1am.

Now if you’re anything like us, the two highest pleasures of this beautiful, fleeting world are 1) delivery and 2) dessert. So Mama Pies was literally made to fill one of the most profound voids in our bleak, empty souls.

Bwog couldn't wait till photo op to eat the pecan

Bwog couldn’t wait till photo op to eat the pecans


Mama Pies offers two distinct types of pie, Mama Ivy – blueberry cream cheese lemon – and Mama Janice – spiced and candied pecan sweet potato pie. They’re mini pies (side note: we were not aware of this and were shocked by the bargain until the little clompers in all of their 3” glory stared us in the face) and are fairly perfectly sized for a drunk midnight snack.

The sweet potato was recommended warm, and so we dutifully (nothing if not obedient when it comes to pie) heated it up. The pie surface was inlaid with three candied pecans in a strangely nostalgia-inducing fashion; we are happy to report they were as tasty as they were reminiscent of our youths. The pie was also solid, a little heavier than its counterpart, the Mama Ivy. Despite a general lack of enthusiasm for sweet potato pie, the Mama Janice was still very much enjoyed for its “autumnal flavor.”

And you can't even see the lemon-y cream cheese-y part

And you can’t even see the lemon cream cheese part

The clear favorite, though, was Mama Ivy. Topped with fresh blueberries and sauce, the pie featured an optimal blueberry to lemon flavor, and the cream cheese brought a much-needed thickness of consistency. Rich and velvety, it was a delight to the tongue and to the senses as a whole. Though both the blueberry and lemon components were scrumptious on their own, the key to ideal consumption was getting a large enough bite that managed to convey both blueberry and lemon.

Our only real complaint was the crust, which, though nicely thick, was dry and a big tough to cut. The solution, one sage pie-ponderer decided, was to take the entire thing in hand and eat it in one go, like an Insomnia cookie, or a slice of Koronets at 4. Alas, this conclusion was not drawn until not enough pie remained. Ah, well. Another day, another pie.

Find out who the mysterious pie chef is after the jump!

Bwog’s Attempt To Create Art For Morningside Lights
The Pillsbury Twin. This is why we got dirty looks when we left. We tried, okay?!?!

The Pillsbury Twin. This is why we got dirty looks when we left. We tried, okay?!?!

Bwog sent two of its artistically inclined  daily editors to check out the scene at Morningside Lights, a community arts festival. Check out their stunning lantern interpretation of the broadway sheep, and their experiences with additive light!

Bwog ventured into the land of the artistic on Friday in celebration of the Morningside Lights Festival. Upon walking into the event, I had zero idea what the festival was for. When I left, I still had zero idea what Morningside Lights is. Let us take a moment to thank Google. Basically, Morningside Lights is weeklong event in celebration of the arts led by the Professional Arts Workshop; it ends with a processional of lanterns in Morningside Park created by the participants in the workshop. You can learn more at Bwog Dailies created one of those lanterns.

When we walked in, it was difficult to notice we were the only people in the room who were not 5 or under, or the parent of one of those children. We also were not given any instructions by anyone, so we kinda just went for it. Note of advice: don’t do that; you do not know how to make a lantern correctly.

Our assignment was to make a lantern of the “broadway sheep.” I have no idea, either. We began expertly cutting out our tissue paper strips, and our sheep really started to look stunning. However, since we missed the tutorial, our sheep was all wrong. Literally ALL WRONG.

The director of Morningside Lights had to pull us over and explain that black tissue paper cannot be used in lanterns because it ruins the “additive light effect.” Whatever. We decided to screw it and continue illegally using our black tissue paper because we had spent two hours obsessively cutting our sheep. We got yelled at. This is why our sheep looks like the Pillsbury Dough Boy; it was a last minute type of situation. They really ruined our artistic high. The color scheme drawing they gave us was also super misleading. I think it was really appropriate and not immature of us to blame them.

All in all, it was a great experience, though. Making a lantern was very therapeutic after that emotionally scarring first wave of assignments. The kids around us were also having a fantastic time, and Morningside Lights is a great way to bring the community together and give exposure to the arts. I’m sure the lights will look absolutely wonderful when they are displayed, minus the one that Bwog is responsible for (sorry, not sorry).