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Sex just keeps improving and spreading!

Having Babies Is Becoming Safer: Scientists cured a baby of AIDS for the first time yesterday, creating hope for a universal cure. (Wall Street Journal)

(New York) University is Becoming Sexier Ever wonder what NYUers looked like in the 1920s? No? Neither did we, but here are some photos anyways. (Gothamist)

Being Gay Is Becoming More Likely to Be Accepted (in the UK): Cardinal Keith O’Brien, preeminent Catholic and main opposer to gay marriage in the UK, resigned a week ago amid allegations of sexual misconduct. Yesterday he admitted to having sex with other priests. (Telegraph)

The Church Is Becoming Less Nosy (Hopefully): This op-ed featuring Columbia Professor Colm Toibin tackles the life of Mary, and ends with Toibin’s commentary on the new Pope and challenges to the Catholic church. (The New York Times)

But Let’s Be Careful: Three Cornell frats were suspended for hazing. (IvyGate)

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