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img November 14, 201210:57 amimg 5 Comments

If you’re in the mood for Afro-indie music or free healthy food, pop into the Lerner Piano Lounge between 12-1 pm today. Live at Lerner is back, bringing you Osekre and the Lucky Bastards. Chow on “Tabouli salad, roasted vegetarian platter, tossed green salad, fruit, all that jazz” along with macarons by the hundreds from Mille-Feuille—guess it’s really not that healthy, then. Here’s a taste of the band.



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img May 03, 200610:42 amimg 7 Comments

Study breaks go healthy. A chichi salad bar and cupcakes, too.

Update: And even more free cupcakes on the ramps!

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