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These news stories are diamonds in the rough, just like Bwog!

These news stories are diamonds in the rough, just like Bwog!

Not-so-bombastic news: a homeless man rummaging near the home of the Bronx Bombers found a trash bag containing stolen military firearms, looted from an armory a few days earlier. Though investigators tracked down the thief, 13 other weapons are still missing—still, good on you, guy! (New York Daily News)

Because Facebook is your best friend and your big sister rolled in one and basically shields you from the world (not an evil data-collecting corporation at all!!), it’s great news that they’re introducing new tools to help you get through a break-up. (TIME)

We honestly don’t believe the various news sources who’ve debunked the theory that astronaut Scott Kelly took a photo of a UFO while up in space. If there’s anything the Core’s taught us, it’s to be critical and self-aware, so we’re still holding out hope. (Forbes)

Al Roker is accusing a cab driver of racism for passing him by and picking up a white passenger instead. The bright side? Uber and the like are making this type of behavior harder and harder to get away with. (Gawker)

Brussels has been on high alert all weekend as police search for Salah Abdeslam, who is suspected of being part of the Paris terror attacks—but Belgian police have carried out 22 raids, making a total of 16 arrests. (BBC)

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The first ever ESC meeting

Sean Zimmermann reports from the first ESC meeting of the semester.

The council began the evening by holding elections for VP Communications. The election was well-contested, especially considering it was held mid-year. The winner, Jim Huang, spoke about his experience on ABC and how his experience developing websites could help in council outreach. He beat Lauren Hsu and current SGA liaison Tanya Shah.

ESC President Levick recently spoke with Dean Pena-Mora, and explained that the Dean is working with the faculty to resolve the issues reported last semester. In the fall, he created the position of Executive Vice-Dean, held by Donald Goldfarb, to act as a intermediary between the faculty and the Dean’s office. Additionally, Pena-Mora told President Levick that the Dean’s office hired an outside consultant to help assess the situation with the faculty, and that they are discussing his recommendations. The Dean came under fire last semester from faculty for failing to address a number of faculty concerns, including addressing overcrowding in classes.

CCSC will no longer be holding mandatory regular meetings, according to CCSC Liaison Rebecca Frauzem. The meetings will be optional for CCSC members, and the council will be holding more town halls instead. President Levick assured council members that CCSC still exists; the idea is that meetings will be more like “office hours” for students.

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