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Where CCE and CCSC will take you.

Where CCE and CCSC will take you.

Ever wonder what goes on in the weekly mysterious CCSC meetings? Wonder no more, because we sent Maren Killackey on a magical mission to find out for you. Here’s a report:

Because it’s not adult life if your parents still pay for your Blackberry…

Dean of CCE Kavita Sharma along with Niamh O’Brien, CCE Undergraduate Director, dropped by to discuss the many events and programs the center holds each year as well as to solicit the Council’s feedback on what other career services students are looking for. After detailing the myriad of opportunities CCE offers, each named with varying levels of acronymic success (CCASIP, CEE, CEO, CCA, STEP, CAE… the list goes on), the two fielded questions from council and audience members.

One of the first and perhaps most obvious questions regarded CCE’s efforts to diversify industry networking events and listings on LionSHARE. Sharma answered that that’s one of the Center’s most pressing goals, however a big part of it means finding organizations that understand how to present the position they’re offering in a way that is (or at least appears to be) fulfilling for students. She added if the listing’s not up to snuff, the CCE team will often press employers to pay students.




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Columbia College’s own smoky back room

CCSC met last night, just as it does every Sunday. Pinch-hitter Conor Skelding sat in front.

Yesterday night’s was a pleasantly and surprisingly short CCSC meeting (only about 45 minutes!).

First off, class councils and senators gave their updates. Ryan Mandelbaum of 2013 boasted that Lerner Pub had went really well, and that they had planned “four events in four weeks” of which “two were pretty awesome.” Conan Cassidy bragged about bagels. Loxley Bennett explained that 2015’s council was “still getting our stuff together.”

Eduardo Santana, one of CC’s senators, talked about going to last Friday’s Global Strategies Initiative at Faculty House that brought together all the directors of Columbia’s Global Centers. Maybe there are some opportunities for undergrads there? (What is a global center, anyway?) Eduardo said Faculty House food was really good, though, and that the Executive VP for Global Centers cared about students.

After updates, Daphne Chen and Will Hughes presented two resolutions for new funds. First they came the Travel Fund, which Daphne explained was a way for groups who qualified for, say, a national competition to apply for up to $8,000 to go compete (since the trip wouldn’t have been considered in their annual allocation). Next came the Capital Investment Fund, which is up to $15,000 a given group to buy expensive items that will last a few years and cannot be planned for in a club allocation, like a tuba for the band.  Both passed unanimously, to self-congratulatory snaps and council-members ironically stage-whispering,”We did something! We did something!” (more…)



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student spaceEarly Wednesday morning, the Student Space Initiative, a group that’s planning to renovate Lerner Piano Lounge and Broadway Room to create a new student lounge, had a “very, very good” meeting with Dean Valentini, Dean Shollenberger and Dean Martinez. The team, armed with a resolution by all the councils that support their initiative, came with design mockups and left with the approval of the Deans.

The big, tentative changes include the addition of game consoles and a kitchen for a cafe (possibly the Flying Beet) in Broadway Room, and a miniature stage (!) plus couches in Piano Lounge. Speakers will be set up to hopefully stream music from WBar or WKCR. The purpose? A space to chill out, not study.

Their proposal will undergo public reviews by students at town halls later this semester. The public vetting is particularly important—Broadway Room used to be a “student lounge” with pool tables but was largely unused, until students rallied to turn it into a dance room. The initiative is working with various groups who are currently using these spaces, including dance groups, to find a substitute for their spaces. You can check out the floor plan changes and additions here.

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