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Hope you brought your ArtHum skills

Last night, in the basement of St. Paul’s Chapel, Postcrypt Art Gallery held an exhibition simply titled ABACUS. It was curated by Ema O’Connor, CC ’14, and featured artists Kaela Chambers and Leah Wolff examining how scientific knowledge and imagination develop through life. Avid Art Historian Conor Skelding walked downstairs.

Gallery goers came and went, and the population held steady at around twenty. Following the guidelines for art show practice, attendees pleasantly traded relevant cultural references and played with the art over wine, cheese, and guacamole. The crowd was mostly Columbia College students (who wore lots of leather, denim, and patterned tops, and who cuffed their jeans), but there were a few adults (more staidly dressed), among them Leah Wolff’s dad, who was very friendly.

ABACUS set out to examine “the notions of art, science, philosophy, and childhood,” and how they change as one grows up. Accordingly, the exhibit began with Chambers’ “Poster Triptych,” three highly abstract, imaginative, colorful pieces intended to convey the wonder children bring to the world. Next were a series of ink-on-paper pieces which, according to Ema, signified primary education and its mixing of superstition and learning. Chambers’ pieces were pleasing to the eye, and although here form was abstract, her themes of were clearly delineated.




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The fabulous Live at Lerner series continues this afternoon at 12 in the Piano Lounge. This week showcases the musical stylings of The Loom, who say of their sound, “we’re a rock band but it’s kind of folky,” and their latest album, “it is a simple search for joy.”  The band was deemed “The Next Big Thing” in the NYTimes and has received love from the New Yorker and Paste.

Yanyi and her crew are also providing piles of delicious food to satisfy your physical as well as your spiritual needs.

The menu du jour:

  • Chili, both meat and vegetarian, replete with with cheese, sour cream, and scallions
  • Corn bread!
  • Crudité
  • Churros
  • Red, green, yellow apples

Intrigued by the genuine loveliness of this event? Check out our conversation with Yanyi about the concert series from earlier in the semester.




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Keynesian Economics!

First Google wanted you to ride a futuristic monorail; now they want your car to drive itself. (BBC)

Amtrak has been sending stones hurtling down from the Hell Gate Bridge and onto the road below. (Gawker)

A Columbia research team found that America has its health care system to blame for low life expectancy relative to other developed countries. (Reuters)

It was only a matter of time before the Williamsburg DIY scene ventured into the realm of moonshine. (City Room)

Congratulations to the football team on three straight wins! The Lions beat Lafayette 42-28 yesterday in front of a home crowd.

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